Oh Na Na, What’s Her Name?

So last night, Mum and I went to see Rihanna. We actually only remembered we had bought the tickets last week, so you can tell we weren’t massively excited for it (although I ended up being really excited from Monday!). I bought the tix after seeing Rhi Rhi on X Factor, singing with X Factor winner 2010, Matt Cardle and thought she was awesome and I was texting Mum at the time and we decided to go and see her live. We fuelled up on spirits and mixers and headed out to the O2.

Venue: O2

I generally love the O2. I can’t believe it used to be the Millenium Dome, with The Body (anyone remember that?!) and the BT Tower thing, where we went on a school trip and you could put random messages on the screen (‘AB 4 MN 4EVA’ and the suchlike). We must’ve walked past at least ten different restaurants, a cinema and two nightclubs on the way to our seats. Our seats weren’t the best in the house on Level 4 and right at the very back of the concert hall, but we were directly in front of the stage, so hey ho; we could still see what was going on.

Support Act: Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris was amazing. He’s played at V a couple of years in a row, but I was either watching someone else or too hungover to turn up to his sets. He is definitely my favourite DJ right now and I can’t believe I haven’t seen him out and about before. I would like for him to play at my wedding or something equally as huge. Mum and I were having a mini-rave in our seats, next to people who obviously weren’t interested in dancing… He mixed so many pop songs into (what I like to call…) dirty grime underground tracks, I was astounded. Geddon, Calv!

Main Act: Rihanna

I had heard some pretty rubbish reviews about Rihanna’s vocals at V festival, so I didn’t go expecting much. In fact, before she even came on, I was like, “Mum, if she’s rubbish, we can leave”, but we stayed until the very very end. Opening with ‘Only Girl (In The World)’, Rihanna is most definitely my girl crush of the moment. Although I miss her red hair. She needs to get that shizzle back. She played all the songs that she had ever released (‘Pon The Replay’ and ‘Please Don’t Stop The Music’ were the ones I had completely forgotten about!) and a couple from her last 2 albums, which I was quite surprised about, as I thought this was an album tour (Loud was released last year and was the tour name) but hey, I’m going with it. Some of the show was a bit risqué for the younger members of the audience, whom Rihanna tends to attract; I remember turning to my Mum and saying, “I bet all the Dad escorts are really embarrassed right now”, particularly through ‘S&M’, but to be honest, I did expect that! Ha.  The only criticism I had of Rihanna was that she loved pointing her mic into the crowd for the real challenging notes rather than singing them herself. It’s like, come on, lady – you sang them yourself once, you can do it again! But when she didn’t let the crowd sing for her, she would belt out faultless notes (particularly in ‘California King Bed’ and ‘Hate How Much I Love You’). And on some occasions, the music drowned out her voice. But generally, I would give Rihanna a 5 star rating. She finished with, perhaps, her most famous song, ‘Umbrella’, which I think was pretty suitable; didn’t we keep her at number 1 for 8 weeks with that one?! And I even lost my voice completely through ‘Cheers (I’ll Drink To That)’.

Would I see Rihanna again? Probably, actually. Through her 6 year career, the girl’s doing pretty well for herself. And she’s younger than me! Bit jealous. I would love to get some standing tickets next time though, just so I have more room to dance – and so we’re not sitting in between a couple who were having a right domestic and didn’t speak to each other through the whole thing, and a boring group of 20 somethings who didn’t clap, stand up or sing along. I mean, seriously. They might as well have stayed at home and listened to the albums.

A good night out 🙂 Who else is seeing Rihanna whist she’s in London town? Let me know what you thought of it.


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