My New Shampoo: A Review

So as I said in previous post, I desperately needed a brand new shampoo; one that wasn’t going to make my hair increasingly greasy and one that might semi-help my ezcema scalp condition.

Enter “Some Like It Hot” by Tigi’s Bed Head.

Wow. My hair feels amazing. How did I not discover this before? I have used the shampoo and conditioner three times so far and what a transformation. I no longer feel like a greasy grunger (circa my early teen years), but I have blossomed with glossy locks and (easily) manageable hair. BAM. Well done, Bed Head.

It smells fantastic; very fruity, but not in an overpowering way. My scalp, although it hasn’t healed up (and why should it? It’s not specialist shampoo!), hasn’t been as itchy as it was with my Aussie shampoo. This stuff is definitely winning. Today, I left the conditioner in for a bit longer than I usually do and it has made such a difference. The fact that it is nicer to my hair when I abuse it with heat is good to know too.

I’m going back to brunette in a couple of weeks, to diminish the monthly bleaching (and irritating) of my scalp so I’m hoping that eventually this problem will completely solve itself. But until then, I shall religiously use this shampoo and conditioner every other day when I need to wash my hair and I hope that I continue to see these results 🙂 Happy Franno!


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