Puppy News! And Moving Woes.

Exciting news, guys! The puggle puppies have arrived! They arrived yesterday afternoon when I got a text from the lady who owns the Mama beagle, saying “We have puggles x”. Now, I am an excitable person and I had just got to Stansted as I had to cover a swimming lesson and checked my phone in the car. What can only be described as celebratory arm movements occurred, along with a huuuge “YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!” in the car on my own. Seriously, the text conversation goes as follows:

Lady: “We have puggles x”

Me: “Aw congratulations… When would be the best time to come and see them?!? X”

Didn’t even give the Mama a few seconds before wanting to see them… Hahaha.

Lady: “After the weekend, she’s still giving birth lol. Got 6 so far, 2 black and 4 fawn x”

Me: “That’s fine. I know she’s just given birth! Haha, was just checking what was best for you 🙂 give her a massive hug from me!! xx”

She must think I’m a complete loon! I should probably drop her an email and just clarify that I’m not a complete loon… or is that a weird thing to do?! *shrugs* I don’t know, haha. But now the puppies are here, we can go up and see them and pick what one we actually want to collect in December. It’s so exciting! I hadn’t even thought of what colour I want, but I think I am leaning more to having a boy doggy! Mum reckons they are ‘easier work’, but she’s had 4 girly doggys and 2 boy doggys, and we got Hooch when he was like, 8 years old, so I think that’s a bit biased!

When we move, I’m going to start purchasing puppy things. I don’t want to clutter the house up right now, when we are moving in about 3 weeks (oh dear Lord, where has this month gone!?!). This weekend, I think we’ll end up packing most of our stuff up into big cardboard boxes, ready for the move. We could probably move Jay’s study into the house right now, but I think that is against Council Tax laws and we (already) have a moody neighbour, who doesn’t like those meddlin’ kids moving into the house next door. Even if it’s not attached to his house. And we haven’t even met him! But there we go.

All in all, with everything that’s going on, I’m not as stressed as I thought I’d be this month. I was expecting my eyelashes to fall out or something ridiculous. But no, it’s all gone quite well. I won’t be saying that in a few weeks, I bet 🙂


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