MOAR Good News :)

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the terrible mood I have been in recently and I am sorry that it was conveyed in my blog 😦 When I’m in a bad mood, I usually keep that very seperate from my blog, but I was feeling pretty down last week (for several reasons!) and I felt like I was bitching and moaning a lot when I read them back with a positive head on today! I am much happier today and I have realised it’s not all that bad, even when it feels like everything is on top of you. It could always be a lot worse, and for now, it’s not even that bad!

There are a few reasons why I think my positivity has reappeared and, for a Monday, that is a really good effort. I have heard back from one of the casual jobs I applied for and I got the casual position! Hooray! I have been offered an hour a week as a swimming teacher, at a particularly good rate so I am feeling really chuffed. I’ll be starting on Friday evenings from 4th November, which I am aware is the weekend I’m actually moving! But I’m sure it’ll be fine; an extra hour isn’t going to kill me, is it!? I didn’t get the second casual position, but as it’s the same company, if they need me, they’ll know where I am. I’m happy I got this job for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the money (HOORAY, MONEY!!!). Secondly, I get free gym and pool membership! I’m a sucker for savings, so saving £35.00 per month is definitely a win, especially when I’m earning more money!

Secondly, my diet has actually been pretty good this last week, considering my bad mood. I am taking inspiration from Fat Families (yes, this is my guilty pleasure on a Sunday afternoon…) and I have decided that I’m going to exercise a minimum of 1 and a half hours a day. 10 hours of exercising a week. I’m just not really sticking to an exercise regime right now and I think I’m just inspired as those people lost several stones in 8 weeks. I’m not anywhere as big as them, so it may take me a little longer, but again, 8 weeks out of my life isn’t going to kill me, so bring on the BURN. Tonight, half hour of legs only and an hour full stroke.

Work is going pretty well at the moment. I have booked on about 10 more clients today and we still have five weeks left to book on. I’m pretty proud of myself for that; so proud that I am going to reward myself by popping to Lakeside after work and buy an eyeshadow palette that I keep reading about and believe should be in my collection. I still have a Top Shop voucher in my purse, so I might pop in there as well and see if I can find something. Speaking of buying things, I bought myself a Halo Hair Extensions Halo with my wage last week. I splurged, but I haven’t bought anything for myself for what seems like an age (but was probably the other week…) and I was feeling down, so wanted long hair again. It doesn’t quite work with my hair yet, seeing as my hair is really short and blonde, whereas the halo is chocolate brown… But I’m dying my hair chocolate brown this weekend and I need my hair to grow a few inches more before I can wear it, so I should be wearing it in the New Year, hopefully by Christmas. I am excited.

I am still really excited about the puppy. We are going to see them next weekend, to see which one we want to take home with us at Christmas! Other jobs for this week include calling all our service providers and telling them we are moving on 5th November, which is daunting, but I think I’m completely okay with the responsibility of not forgetting anything. I am just feeling a lot more positive than I was last week and everything seems to be turning out completely fine. I hope everyone else is having a positive, happy Monday 🙂


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