Monday, Monday…

I had such a busy weekend last weekend, it has just flown by! On Friday, Jay and I were both massively hungover from our Thursday night outings, that we stayed in, ate pizza that we’d made ourselves and watched easy-viewing TV. I love those Friday evenings, now I’m not so much of a party animal. I think we went to bed at about 8.30 and watched An Idiot Abroad in bed. I’m much preferring this new series, although Karl Pilkington does piss me off in that he offends people who go out of their way to help him experience different things. But that is another story.

Saturday morning, I headed to Mum’s to go brown haired again. I opted for a chocolate brown (a few shades darker than my natural hair) and I am really happy with how it all came out 🙂 No more bleach to irritate my scalp! Hooray! It took about 5 hours, as Nic had to pre-colour my hair a couple of times to ensure the brown would take to the bleach. So, here’s me before… Bear in mind, before I show you my after pic, my before pic has a full face of make up, bright red lipstick and a camera flash (I’m not really that orange) as I was pretty chuffed with how I was looking before I went to dinner!! I don’t take many photos of myself, because I’d end up wasting too much of my day for not liking a picture a certain way and retaking the shot. My after pic shows a not so orange paler picture of me with no make up, as I’d had about 3 showers to rinse the two doses of pre-colours and chocolate dye out of my hair, and was rushing to WhatsApp the pic to Jay… Here goes…

I look red in this pic. Gross. And a bit shocked. But I’m generally really happy with the colour (of my hair, not my face…) and I’m ecstatic that my scalp will no longer hate me forever for abusing it. I have noticed so far (in the two days that I have been sporting brown hair) that I do need to wear a bit of bronzer (or jump on a sun bed) to make me look much better. Sun bed vouchers have now joined the Christmas list. I think Jay likes my hair this colour as well – although he didn’t really speak yesterday, due to the terrible hangover cold that he had from drinking too much on Saturday day/night.

I rushed home to pack a little bit of our stuff before heading into my evening plans. Seriously, I had started to panic as we move in 2 weeks and we have packed nothing. So I rummaged through Jay’s study and packed all his books away into boxes, emptied out our bedroom drawers and my Ikea cabinet thing under the TV, and emptied our living room bookcase. It’s not much, but it’s a start. More to pack this weekend – and we’re going to see the puppy!!

Saturday night, I headed out to Watford to celebrate Immy’s birthday with a curry. I met some people who I hadn’t seen for ages and some new people – and one person who had met me, but didn’t recognise me! Haha. But I generally had a good night – even if we ate at 10pm and I can’t sleep on a full stomach. I drove there and back without much drama, other than a traffic jam on the M25 for about half an hour, making the 52 minute journey into an 84 minute journey, but there we go. Driving home in the dark was good as well – I don’t get to do that so much really. I have the most awesomest friends who are boys in Immy and Deniz, and I really appreciated it on Saturday 🙂 They are awesome and I think we’ll be spending more time hanging out in the new year.

Sunday, I slept in. I was knackered. I got home after midnight and Jay kept calling, telling me he was staying in London (whilst holding up the phone so I could hear his friend being sick – nice!) so I slept in til about 9.30am, until Jay called me to pick him up from the station. Picked him up from the station and let him die with hangover cold on the sofa with our duvet. Mum called and asked if we wanted to go to the cinema, and I said I would but Jay wouldn’t. I napped until I had to get ready and woke up feeling really rubbish and sweaty and groggy. I don’t really nap at the weekends any more, unless Formula 1 is on and the sound of the cars makes me fall asleep. Weird? Nevertheless, I got ready and waited for Mum and George to pick me up. Mum wasn’t feeling well either and George got car sick, so we were actually deciding if the cinema was even a good idea! We collected our tickets and I felt incredibly queasy quite suddenly, so ran to the toilet and was sick. Not once. Three times. Gutted. So I called a cab and went home, and continued to be in a poor way until this morning 😦 I was really gutted because I was looking forward to spending some time with my family. I hardly see George when he comes home from university because he’s got his own life and sees his friends, which is fine, but I was really looking forward to catching up. I suppose there’s always Christmas time. Or WhatsApp.

This week is another busy week. I am driving to Bristol on Wednesday for the company’s administrator conference, which lasts for two days. I am going to be knackered, particularly as I don’t sleep well in a) hotel rooms and b) without Jay, but it’s only one night, so I’ll struggle through! I’m also in the process of contacting everyone I need to, to let them know that we are moving on 5th November. Saturday, we’re going to see the puppy in Braintree and it’s Anu’s birthday in London, which I’m going up for. I’m a wimp, so I’m going early with the intention of leaving early, so it’s not as scary to catch the trains home. Jay is invited, but I’m not sure if he’s going to come up. Sunday is going to be a day of packing. No rest for the wicked, as they say.

I have a couple of beauty related blogs in the pipeline. Yep. I’m turning into one of them now. I’ll try to not let the beauty side of things interrupt my ramblings of everything else but I think, as I have a growing interest into all these beauty products, it might help one of you lot out at some point and it’s good for me to look back in the future at what products worked for me and what, well, didn’t. Stay tuned. Have a good week 🙂


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