I have been inspired to write a blog post, after seeing ReeRee Rockette’s blog about her tattoos, where she got them from and just expressing what work she’s had done. I can’t find the original post 😦 but her blog can be found here, so just have a quick search for ‘tattoos’ and I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere 🙂

I love my tattoos. Granted, I only have two… but I do see why people love to express themselves in art. I’m not a massive ‘rock chick’ or anything; I would never be covered in tattoos (although I definitely want loads more!) but, for me, they are memories of people and of times in my life and I would never get a tattoo for the sake of getting one.

My first tattoo I got in Plymouth when I was 20. I had been thinking about it for a while, but there was no real reason for me to get one. That was, until I went through a mahoosive amount of heartbreak, lying and deceit from an ex boyfriend. Yup. Love’s a bitch, when it’s the wrong one 🙂 I actually can’t find a picture of it, but it’s an outline of a heart, about the size of a 50p. It’s pretty boring, and although it’s only that small, it’s pretty badly done. That’s my own fault for going to a tattoo on the high street… But there we go. I would probably get that one redone or extended to make it look a lot better.

My second one is, believe it or not, even more personal than that one. I have the sheet music to ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ by Oasis on my upper back; specifically ‘Don’t look back in anger, I heard you say’. The pic above is after I first got it done, so it looks a bit red there, but it’s not any more 🙂 I absolutely love this memory of my Dad and I don’t think I will ever regret this tattoo. I got it done about5 months after he passed, and I was to-ing and fro-ing between this and ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ by Simple Minds, because I thought it’d be a bit ironic to have ‘Don’t you forget about me’ somewhere on my body, as if my Dad was telling me not to, but this song is far more personal to me and there are tonnes more memories associated with this one.

After you have a tattoo, I think you forget what the pain is like. I have tried many times to explain to friends and family exactly how it feels, but it’s hard. I would say the needle point was tender when it was nearer my shoulder blades and that the hip just felt like a scratch that the guy seperated into 4 parts even though it was so small! But I do get addicted to things, and tattoos are no exception!

So onto my next ones that I want and will eventually get. The first does seem quite chavvy and quite a few celebs have it already. It’s the word ‘shhh…’ on the side of my index finger. I did get the idea from girl crush, Rihanna, but the tattoo itself is easily concealable, although it’s on your finger! Why do I want this? I have wanted it for quite a while but, as recent posts have shown, I have started to ignore the dramas and haters (yes, I did just type that), and live the life that I want to live. So telling everyone to shush seems quite apt. Also, it’s a fun tattoo, one that can be concealed and I just generally like the idea.

I would love something to show my Irish roots. My grandparents are (extremely!) Irish and I would love something to remind me of them. I am very close to my grandparents, particularly my Granddad and he absolutely loves this little fighting leprechaun (logo from the Fighting Irish Notre Dame team). A tattoo to represent someone or something before they go seems a lot nicer than a reminder of the time they did go, so I would love to get this one sooner rather than later. It’s either that or a shamrock and I think just about everyone has a shamrock! I’d probably get this on my ankle.

The next, I am undecided about. I know whereabouts I want it, but I am unsure what I want and, as I have said up there, I don’t get tattoos for the sake of it. I would love one on my shoulder, kinda on the top part. Not inspired by Rihanna (it sounds like I have a bloody infatuation with her, but I don’t – honest!) and I’ve been trying to google and find you an example of where I mean, but I can’t find one, so I’ll use another picture of Rhi Rhi and her shoulder tat. It would most definitely need to be a phrase or something in a straight line to work properly, but I have no idea what that could possible be yet. There are so many inspirational phrases, but I don’t quite know what sums me up yet. I kind of like “This too shall pass”, but I just can’t settle on it right now. I’m sure I’ll find something and then have that ‘pasted’ on me. Oh my God, it’d be so good if it was just pasted and not needled under your skin…

So there we have it. What I want on my body for the rest of my life. They’re not going to be massive, huge great tattoos, but so what if they are? Some of the nicest body art that I have seen have been absolutely massive, but to be honest, I haven’t got the balls to stomach the pain for more than half an hour… And I can’t cover myself in massive tattoos for work and suchlike. I like these positions and ideas as they are personal to me (well, apart from the undecided one…) and are easily concealable. Sometimes I like Kat Von D’s starry face tattoo, but oh my God, my Mum would kill me. And I would be out of a job. And in so much intense pain. Yup, a definite no on the face star tattoos.


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