Slightly Reverting Back To My Childhood?

I think 2012 will be me, reverting back to my childhood. It has started since Jay and I watched the Duck Tales movie the other day (and enjoyed it!!), but I think I am getting worse, whereas Jay has limited his childlike mind to there.

There are two key things that prove that I am going backwards in the year 2012.

The first is that I am going to see Steps’ reunion tour on the eve of my 25th birthday, with my Mum and (younger) cousin – I say younger, she’s 21, but was massively into Steps in the 90’s. We knew all the dance routines and everything. Epitemy of cool, I know. And I am actually a little bit excited to see them. I can add them to my collection of concerts, including The Spice Girls (when there were 5), Boyzone twice (before the failed comeback tour), Take That (when there were 4 and during their successful comeback tour) and B*Witched before they were famous. Ahh, the good old days when pop was squeaky clean… Just look at them in that picture! So fresh faced and blatantly 90s. Takes me back to an easier time in my life. Hahaha. I know they don’t look anything like that now, but I’m still pretty excited.

The second I’m going to see next year is Westlife. Yep. Ballads. I’m taking Jay as he thought we should go and see them as they’ve all split up now. I thought they’d split up ages ago, but no, just last week. This is their ‘Goodbye, cruel world, who has no time for ballad-y boy bands anymore’. Maybe they’re making room for another Louis Walsh X Factor boyband. Conspiracy?

And these are the two main events that are making me want to go back to my 90s themed childhood. Others consist of my little (but taller than me) brother turning 21 next year and I’m going to buy him a 90s cartoon themed birthday cake. I haven’t decided if it’s going to be Power Rangers or Toy Story yet, but it’ll be something hilariously embarrassing. Aren’t we a handsome pair? This is us, at his 20th birthday when I came down to see him at university and got myself embarrassingly drunk…

It’s also my mid-way to 50 birthday next year. Is this my mid-life crisis? Am I reverting back to a not so stressful time in my life? A time when the only worries were what colouring pencil to use in my colouring in books or that my tamagotchi was going to die? That’s a thought… Where’s Alfred, my Tamagotchi I bought earlier this year?! Oh GOD!! 


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