Lippy Woes

Now I am rapidly approaching my mid-20s (sob), I have decided to take the bull by the wotsits and dive straight into an obsession with lipsticks, lip colours, lip stains AND lip glosses. I have been twittering (read: twitter stalking…) at some beautiful beauty bloggers and all of their little display pictures are gorgeous, sporting some fabulous lippy, bringing their face together (… does that even make sense?!).

With make up, I am getting better. I can’t leave the house with my base on my face, mascara on my lashes and something on my eyelids, be it eyeliner, eyeshadow or a combination of both. But I am guilty for not wearing anything on my lips, unless I’m going out and painting the town red or recently at the administration conference at dinner (where 11 out of 50 of us got completely hammered and played musical chairs and statues until 2am. That’s how we office bunnies roll…). I think the must-have lipsticks for any make up box/bag/storage should be:

  1. a natural colour for massively made up eyes…
  2. a deep colour for not so made up eyes – maybe even two or three. Reds, pinks, oranges… Whatever your skin tone desires.
Again, this is guess work. I have no idea if that’s what everyone has. Some people (YouTubers and Twitterers) have hundreds. I mean, come on. How? They must have the same colours by different brands… I just have no idea how one could get that obsessed.

So, what do I need? I definitely think I have to start from the bottom and work my way up. I suppose the lowest of the low lippy products is lip stain. I actually used to use lip stain every day and night when I was at university – this exact one, in fact. But I found that this didn’t stain my lips as much as I’d hoped, so maybe it’s time to look for a new one. So, cue Franno, typing into Google “lip stain reviews uk”… which obviously reverted me to… why did I not go directly there?! Stupid Friday head! You go into reviews with Amazon and everything is so contrasting and confusing! Sooo, I think for lip stains, I’m’a have to try them all out for myself, starting from high street/drug store and working my way up – although I haven’t actually seen any ‘high end’ lip stains…

Next, lip gloss. I own 3, so I’m on a roll with glosses as far as I’m concerned! Ha. My favourite at the moment is Bourjois Effet 3 and I have mine in shade 05, which is quite a natural pink and looks quite natural on me.

Although I’m pulling a massive pout there (…), it applies lovely and it’s not sticky. It tastes nice, which for something going on your lips, you definitely need! It reckons it lasts for 8 hours. It doesn’t. BUT I would say your lips are massively soft when your gloss comes off. My other 2 glosses are both Barry M but I don’t use them really as I find the gloss just doesn’t stay on my lips for long enough. I think I may purchase some more Bourjois ones and have a play around with them.

Next, the lipsticks and liners. This is the one I am most terrified about. I own one bright red lipstick and liner (to go with it) and that involved going up to a Dior counter and speaking to the lady. Scary stuff! I would love to just be able to give it a swatch, think to myself, “Oh yeah, that one will be fine” and walk out of a shop with no shop-assistant-interaction. My Mum is awesome at choosing her a good lipstick that matches her skin tone; I just don’t have that talent. My problem is this. My teeth are slightly yellow and I have read in several posts that I need a blue-toned lipstick to counteract the yellow and make teeth appear whiter, so that is what I’m aiming for… WHAT THE HELL IS A BLUE TONED LIPSTICK WHEN IT’S AT HOME!? Again, start from high street and work to high end as I suppose it will be trial and error when it comes to this little, seemingly expensive adventure.


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