Puppy Viewing

Just a quick iphone post whilst I’m not doing much else. This weekend, I was so excited as I was meeting the puppies and picking which one we would like to extend into our family. The puppies are about 40 minutes drive away, which is the closest I could find. The puppies have to be 8 weeks old in order to come home, as they need their Mum now and the puppies I was looking at are currently 2 weeks and 4 days. Super eager beaver!! So here’s our pup that I chose 🙂


We knew we wanted a boy pup, I just needed to decide what colour. There’s no romantic story of him walking up to me, as they are too little to walk – they do this cute little army crawl thing, which was adorable!! Honestly, I’m thankful I can only afford the one, else I would’ve walked out of there with all ten!! Soooo cute!!

The lady who bred our puppy said we can come and visit when we like and, as Jay couldn’t make it up there because he was packing for the move (!), we’re going to pop up in a couple of weeks (after the move!). Then, it’s a case of purchasing all the bits we need before December – can’t believe it’s November on Tuesday!!!

So, readers. What shall I call my pup?! Any ideas, please comment!! We are at a stump. I like Archie, Ernie, Jagger… Jay likes Charlie, Alan and Steve… Seriously. Very exciting news! If we go and see him again, I’ll be sure to take more pictures of the other pups as a group. They were lovely!

As always, I’ll keep you posted re: puppy news!! Massively excited face!!


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