Busy week!

Sorry I haven’t posted my Glossy Box review yet! I’m still yet to review some of the products and I literally have had no time to do so! I hope I’ll get to trying them this weekend and it’ll be my first blog post of next week, I promise! It will be out before the next Glossy Box comes out, which is in like, 2 weeks!! I have an awesome eyeshadow palette review to get on the go, but that’s on hold right now! Seriously, the box hasn’t even been opened yet!

This week and last week (and the next few weeks!) are going to be exceedingly busy for me, so please do not feel neglected! Ha. Last week, I spent 2 days in Bristol at my company’s conference. I learned absolutely tonnes from it, from other franchises and Head Office, and I’m now in the stages of implementing what I have learned. Good, eh? Work has been incredibly busy with booking on and getting these ideas in motion. I got incredibly drunk on the Wednesday at the conference… And suffered on my drive back home on Thursday. Sadness. I stopped at Membury service station, which is where Jay and I used to stop when we used to drive back and forth from Plymouth, because it’s midway between home and Plymouth 🙂 I called him when I got there and had a reminisce. Haha.

The weekend was so busy with packing for The Move that I had to cancel going out with Anu in London for her ‘midway to 50’ birthday 😦 But I promise I’ll make it up to her with dinner at some point! When I had to get away from cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, I drove to meet my puppy – as in my previous post! Jay and I are both getting pretty excited now and, although Jay thinks that the pup will love him more because he’s a boy, I’m actually going to be the hand that feeds him and takes him to work, soooo… We’re starting to get really serious about names, but I think we’re genuinely going to have to wait until he’s here and see how we get on.

This week, I have been calling other services we use to tell them we’re moving house and yesterday, I started moving our boxes into the new house, so all the attic stuff and study stuff are officially there. Hooray! Tonight, I’m going to be moving even more boxes into the house, before I go out to a staff meeting at Pizza Express in Chelmsford and after I drop off all my forms for my new part time job, which I start on Friday – great week to start!!

Tomorrow, I’ll have to move all our TVs (makes us sound like we have a warehouse of televisions, but we don’t; just the 3) and Sky boxes and stuff into the new house, as the Sky man is coming to fit our Sky between 8am and 1pm on Friday, and whatever other bits I can move. Maybe pictures and stuff we have on our walls. And on Friday, I start my new part time job and welcome my Mum home from her holiday. A day off from moving, but a busy one nonetheless!

Saturday is moving all the big furniture day and Saturday evening, we should be sleeping in our new house, after treating everyone to dinner in the pub! Just look at all the stuff we have to do. As soon as it’s done, I’ll feel relieved, but the busyness does not stop there. Oh no.

I made the mistake of looking at my calendar on Monday. I am literally fully booked until December. I am working near enough every weekend in November – some are both Saturday and Sunday. I’m even partying during the week for next week and the week after. It is much better than being bored, but seriously, I can’t wait until my holiday, starting 12th December (just over a month away!!). We have planned a house warming party on Saturday 3rd December and I have created a private Facebook event for our friends to attend. I’m all like, it’ll be fiiiine, but I have no idea how our house will look on 3rd December, as I would have spent virtually no time there. Ha.

All fun and games. It’s better to be busy anyway, right? And I’ll be working and earning more money for going out luxuries and Christmas presents and puppy stuff… I’m good. I’ll stop moaning and get on with keeping busy. With 52 days left until Christmas, I have no idea when I’ll have the time to fit in my Christmas shopping 😦


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