Pete Tong

I am actually really proud of myself this week. I have shown such grown up traits, that I wouldn’t usually have because I like to think I’m still a child and just get Jay to do it, but Jay hasn’t been around so I’ve had to do things and I had to move all the bills, as they were in my name anyway. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything… And although I didn’t move as many boxes as I had planned, everything on my side of things is running on schedule 🙂 I can even move some boxes this evening before the pub if I really wanted to. I’ve also been really busy at work, and not really been phased or stressed out like I would be usually. It’s more of a “Yay, I can do grown up things!” so I’m pretty chuffed with myself, at the tender age of 24.

You know I thought things were running too smoothly for The Move? Here’s the issues. The toilet has been leaking, the other toilet is not secured to the floor, there is a hole in the side of the house and something else to do with the bath – my Uncle was telling me this in my unresponsive state at 8am this morning and when I say ‘hole’, please do not imagine a massive person sized hole that goes into my living room; it’s not that big, but birds will get into our loft and probably won’t be able to find a way out. With these particular issues, we can’t move in until they are fixed 😦 This is even sadder, because I have been so organised that we have no TV, landline or broadband in our current house, so we’re going to have to actually talk to each other whilst we’re waiting for this to be done. Only joking. We’ll find some DVDs. Haha.

To be honest, I’m not really that fussed. We can still move in all the stuff that we’re not going to be using. All we need are clothes, bed, kitchen and bathroom stuff. All the spare bedroom furniture and study furniture can be moved, because no one needs to get in those rooms – it is literally just the toilet and bathroom that need to be sorted.

Tonight, I am not starting my part time job, which is a huge weight lifted from my shoulders for this week! They have to wait for a CRB check, which I have had done earlier this year, but they need their own company one, so I have to wait for that to come through. I am so (quietly) relieved, as now I can get some more stuff at work and for The Move, but I can’t wait for that extra money to appear in my account every month and my gym direct debit to be gone. I am actually going to watch the lessons I’ll be taking over tonight, just so I can gauge the levels, but at least I won’t have to get changed and can go straight to the pub from there! Mum’s back from Tenerife, so we’re giving her some welcome home drinks… She only went for a week… Haha.

Speaking of gym and stuff, this has been on the back burner these last few weeks. My weight has stayed the same for three weeks now, which is ok, but I know I can be doing so much better, so I plan to kick it up a notch when I unpack my trainers, which are in a box in the new house somewhere… Today, I ate soup for lunch, which is a dead healthier option than a bloody sausage roll or something with stodge, which I have been craving today, so we’re all good.

The roadworks from outside my office are actually driving me insane. They have literally been here for 3 weeks now and it’s constant drilling. At least I haven’t been hungover at work, because I defo think that’ll kill me.

I’m considering doing a ‘My Week In Pictures’ feature on my blog, which will encourage me to take more photos of everything. I’m really rubbish at taking photos and that was meant to be my 2011 resolution. Woops! Better late than never though, right? I think I’ll give it a trial run next week, and I’m thinking possibly 7 photos per post? One a day? Well, we’ll give it a go anyway!

Hope you’ve all been having a good week, despite the crappy rain!


One thought on “Pete Tong

  1. Have a look at blipfoto its an app were you upload a picture a day of something that you find good. I did it for a bit and then work got in the way! Lol

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