Glossy Box #2: October

I promised this would be my first blog post of the week. It’s still unfinished as I’ve packed up my Glossy Box somewhere and I don’t actually know where it is… But I tried all the products I really really wanted to try out and here’s what I thought.

It doesn’t seem that long since I did my September Glossy Box, but I suppose I did subscribe late!! I felt that my first Glossy Box review was kind of rushed, so I’m going to take my time with this one and I hope it helps you all out 🙂

If you do want to subscribe to Glossy Box, please give me your email address, so I can earn some Glossy points and get some money off!! Hahaha.

So here was my box this month 🙂 Excuse the rubbish pictures; I only have my iPhone and it was evening time, so the flash was required!


I absolutely love the Glossy Box packaging. It’s so grown up and awesome. Baby pink with the Glossy Box logo in the middle 🙂 When opened, you are greeted by the card with the info about the products you have received and a nice neat little bow 🙂

(I’ve just noticed my second pic is upside down – I can’t be arsed to change it the right way up…)

The third pic is what I received in my box this month.

Glossy Box has been running for 6 months and so, to celebrate, instead of sending out 5 samples, they sent out 6 – I counted 9 with the make up bag and 3 different fragrances! All this for £12.95! Thank you, Glossy Box!!

So, what did I get?

Stila eyeliner

I’m sure, like most ladies, I grab the black eyeliner and tend not to experiment out of my comfort zone. I have blue eyeliner for when I’m feeling adventurous and this just goes on the lower lashline for a change… This Stila eyeliner was in Moray, which is a khaki browny-greeny colour with hints of glitter. As soon as I saw it, I thought that it would suit brown and green eyes more, but I was pleasantly surprised. I tried the eyeliner on its own with no eye shadow and it made my eyes brighter and more blue. I am so impressed with this, although I’m unsure what eyeshadow would complement it other than the natural eyeshadows. Would a golden eyeshadow overpower it? To be honest, I am yet to experiment, but I would wear this eyeliner on its own and I think that it is completely ‘on trend’ with Autumn style. I have one negative due to personal preference and it’s that I hate the twisty pen thing that some eyeliners use. I would much rather this in a pencil but that is a small thing really, and as long as it works, I’m not moaning too much. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

Leighton Denny nail varnish (in Sex Kitten)

There were three nail varnish shades that were available and randomly assigned to your box this month and I had received Sex Kitten, which is a sheer silvery blue colour. I like the bottle and the colour, and I twisted it to have a look at the gloopy nail varnish fall off the end of the brush. However, I have just painted my nails (literally, yesterday! See picture below, Barry M 293 Grey and Barry M NPP1, which was a limited edition pink!) so haven’t tried this varnish yet. It looks creamier than the Barry M varnishes that I wear and, after reading some reviews from other Glossy Box subscribers, it seems to only need the one coat. I also got my Mum to try it out and it actually only needed one coat and was really creamy and thick. Laaaavlyyy…

I wish Glossy Box would stop sending perfume samples. I think that perfumes are really down to taste and I did not enjoy the three samples I received this time. They seemed kind of… ‘old’. My Mum didn’t like them either so I couldn’t fob them off to her. Maybe I’ll try my Nan.

The samples I haven’t tried yet since moving are all the dermatologica products, which are anti-ageing anyway, but the sooner you start, the better… Apparently. But I have no wrinkles or anything yet, so I’m kind of reluctant.

Two weeks til the next one and I promise I’ll be quicker to get my post up!


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