We’ve Moved!

That’s right, lads and ladies. Jay and I have moved to our new house 🙂 Hooray! If you’re a Facebook friend and need our address, let me know 🙂 I’m not giving it out to randoms!

We have so much space for activities! I am very happy in our new home and I’ve only slept there three nights! We’ve got all our living room, study, kitchen and bedroom in tact. We’ve just gotta do the rest of it! But it’s all a work in progress and it’ll be completely homely in no time. Or before the house party on 3rd December. Less than a month away. Eek!

I still have clothes to move… It’s terrible, I thought I’d moved them all, but I hadn’t! I’m getting so forgetful recently, it’s like my brain is a sieve. I am yet to unpack all my clothes, because I had to leave my fabulous saved up wardrobe at the old house, but Mum’s traded me for a new one, so that’s all good too. We just have Primark rails back again. Boo! I am investing in a dressing table for our bedroom as well (when I eventually find one I like…) and I am hoping to blog more (espesh beauty blog more) from home when everything’s set up properly. I’m’a also take some awesome photos of the best bits of our house too 🙂

I am completely and utterly chuffed with everything in my life right now. Uncle Pat and Richard are still doing some work around our house, but it’s all fitting together nicely 🙂 I am really happy that I’ve taken time off from 12th December for puppy, as it means I can do some stuff to our home too 🙂

Jay and I were both off work sick yesterday with entirely different things, mind, and Jay’s off work again today 😦 He worked really hard this weekend with the move, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s just burnt the candle at both ends. Hope he feels better soooooon. I’m still feeling a little rotten, but there’s just too much to do at work at the moment and I can’t work from home unless I get the office line installed there!

I have started looking at what to buy for puppy on eBay so I’ve just got to buy it in a couple of weeks or so, when the house isn’t such a tip. It’s getting very exciting now!! I may see if Jay would like to go and visit him next week sometime.

This week is another busy one. I am out on Thursday night for a family friend’s birthday and I’m working on Saturday for the baby underwater photo shoot. Then, on Sunday, I’m driving up to visit Jay’s family as it’s his Nana’s 80th birthday – Jay will already be there on Saturday. On Monday, I have the morning off, as we are staying over at his parents’ house overnight and we’ll be driving back in the morning (possible chance to go and visit the puppy?). Next week is my 7 day working week – boo! But I really am thinking of the overtime and stuff, because it’s always good to earn a little bit more cash!

I think that’s all I have to say for today. Hope everyone’s having a happy Tuesday!


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