HAULIN’ – H&M and eBay.

I was going to do a complete outfit of the day for you guys, but unfortunately, my iPhone does not appreciate the massively fluorescent lights in my office and I’m thinking, “Wow, I should’ve probably done it this morning when my make up was so fresh and clean”, but hey. Sometimes things don’t work out as they should, eh?

Anyways! So the change of plan! I have been addicted to H&M since becoming a YouTube stalker and blog follower. So much so, that I accidentally hauled from their online store. Oops. I tried to buy from Very.co.uk the other day, but the dispatch wasn’t going to be until the New Year, so I figured I’d cancel and go somewhere else. And I’m not disappointed! My local high street and work’s local high street are pretty rubbish for high street shops! I don’t know if it’s because we live so close to a shopping mall, but it’s like, come on; put a H&M or a River Island somewhere where I have constant access please! Nowadays it’s just so much easier for me to browse and buy online; I think I might be missing out a bit on, you know, feeling the clothes and social interaction, but I can always send it back if the material’s shoddy and I don’t really need the social interaction (or general herding if we’re in Primark!), so I’m just going to continue online shopping for now. I digress… Look at what I bought!

The first thing that was delivered to my door was this very pretty top. I haven’t tried it on yet, but it is sooo pretty in the flesh (… or in the cloth?) and I can’t wait to wear it! Yes, I know it’s a vest and I am fully aware that it might snow anytime soon, but I loved the bow detail on this! I don’t have enough clothes with patterns on.

Next to arrive last night were my sweatshirt and a blazer and I amazingly got the jacket for half price! Kerching!! Thank you, Twitter and shoppers for tweeting discount codes! Mwah ha ha ha… Today, I am wearing the jumper, with some black Top Shop leggings (they are the best for leggings!!) and black Ugg boots and it is really comfy. What the website doesn’t show you is the fabulous sequin detail in the shape of a heart on the front – love! The jumper comes down to just below my bum, which is good as that’s the (HUGE) bit I’m trying to hide 🙂 I think this might be my new favourite jumper! I am really into blazer-y jackets at the moment, and I think they can dress up nearly every outfit and I didn’t have a black one, so I bought this one. Can’t wait to wear it (probably tomorrow night or at the weekend!).

Then, I popped onto eBay and found an awesome necklace. I saw it on MakeUpLoveer’s blog a fair old while ago and thought I had to have it! I wish I’d kind of got the chain a bit longer, but I am so chuffed with it! It’s so delicate and pretty. Needless to say, I am wearing this today too 🙂 eBay is really awesome for unique jewellery and stuff – I never thought of going on there before, but I’m really glad that this necklace has opened my eyes and I might get more and more stuff from there in the future!

Mum and I are going to Ikea tonight, but I don’t think I’ll be doing an Ikea haul! Boring. We might pop into Lakeside on the way though or something, so you might have another one of these tomorrow! I have to buy a dress for a ‘lipstick’ party we’re going to tomorrow night. I just have no idea what to wear! I have ordered a special lippy (yes, I am starting that mission now!), but I don’t think it’ll arrive by tomorrow, however much I would like it to… C’est la vie, I’ll have to wear my Dior massively red lipstick – I don’t think that’s the actual name of it…


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