WLB: Day God Knows What… I’ll check later

Hello, lovelies. Yes, I thought I’d get back to my Weight Loss Buddy, as I haven’t been on here and writing stuff down for the last few weeks or so…

Mum has bought some scales and we’ve decided to do the WW plan at home and online in our own time. Honestly, as it’s getting darker and colder, the last place you want to be is in a school dining room with sticky floors, queuing up to be told you’re a fatty… So last night was our weigh in night (as per usual) and I got onto the scales in her bathroom. I lost 2.4lbs! I am pretty chuffed, actually. Considering the whole Moving Day and pretty much living off takeaway until we could be bothered to order a grocery delivery, I am really happy with myself. I drank a fair bit last week as well to celebrate, commiserate and generally relax. Mustn’t do what I did last time and let it get to my head and think I can eat nothing but Pizza Go Go for the rest of my life.

Obstacles for this week? Well, tonight I’m going to a 50th party, which is a sit down meal and (lots of) drinks, so that’s my biggest obstacle… Oh no, wait. I tell a lie. I’m also going up to see the in-laws this weekend for Jay’s nana’s 80th birthday and that’s a lunch meal out with (lots of) drinks. Those are my two massive obstacles this week.

How to eliminate my obstacles? Lots of water, healthy eating the rest of the time and even some exercise. Since I’ve been so busy, I literally haven’t had the time to exercise (no, Jay; I really haven’t!) and my diary has been stacked back-to-back with things to do. It’s just been nuts! But I will swim tomorrow evening after work, Saturday (at some point, although I am working in the afternoon and the pool doesn’t open til 1pm!) and Monday before or after work – at least. Can’t swim on Sunday because I’ll be driving early and getting pissed merry with everyone.

Other than that, I’m super happy with my efforts this week, even though there wasn’t really any effort… I’m so very near to my first stone (yeah, I know, it’s taken some time!) that I think I will actually have some sort of party when I actually get there. Really motivated this week. Fingers crossed I’ll have the same weight loss next week 🙂


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