Tis The Season: Winter and Weight Loss

So my weight loss has been sabotaged again and I would like to blame a whole season: Winter. It is so cold to reach for the fruit or salad or to leave the pool with wet hair which turn into icicles the second you reach the exit… And who doesn’t want to wrap up in a massive blanket by the fire and eat curry? That is exactly what Mum, Jay and I did on Sunday evening, with the glow of X Factor as our make-shift fire.

Winter just has to be one of the hardest times to diet, because it’s a massive party season. I have two Christmas parties to attend (for eating and drinking!) and two Christmas lunches to eat (with mine and Jay’s families) – and then it’s New Year’s Eve, which is just a jumped up excuse to drink as much as you can to ‘see out the old year into the new one’. Nowadays, I fall asleep before midnight with an alcohol-induced coma. But seriously, the season is massively calorific and I’m not including the Terry’s chocolate oranges, Cheeselets, Twiglets (why do they only make an appearance at Christmas?!) or masses of Celebrations, Quality Streets, Roses… The list is never ending and I am not looking forward to it making a terrible impact on my weight loss.

I have been doing quite well with my eating especially during the week, but there are still days that I just pig out, which is mostly at the weekend.  On Saturday, Jay and I had (wine and…) Tapas from Tesco. It was amazing!! Seriously. But probably not very healthy – particularly with some of the products containing the ever-so tasty, but ever-so fattening chorizo! Although that was the only thing I’d eaten all day because of working on poolside where you can’t eat… Again, that’s not very good for me either!

Exercise has definitely been on the back burner recently and I am hoping to get back into swimming this week before it gets far too cold. When I start my part time jobs, I will have free access to the gym, which I think will be helpful as I won’t have to venture outside with wet hair when I’m done! And I’ll be able to use the gym before or after my shifts, depending on what I’m working. I mean, while I’m there, why not?! And with the puppy, I’m planning massive long walks (during house training) so that he sleeps well at night – that’s my cunning plan 🙂

I think the one constant that I can keep up with over the Christmas season is drinking lots and lots and lots of water. I am thinking of increasing the amount I drink to try and speed up my little metabolism! I currently don’t drink enough water and Jay often tells me off for it, but so far I’ve drank about 2 litres, so that’s got to do my metabolism some good, right?

I am holding a birthday party next year as my mid-way to 50 party so I have a definite goal of when I need to look my best – and skinniest. And before my party, I’ll be in Tenerife with Mum and friends! So I’ll definitely need to look good on the beach, to catch some rays and look well before my party! And that’s 5 months away!! I think I’ll be able to lose a bit more weight by then… Right? I bloody hope so, else I really have no willpower at all!

So although Winter is a fatty season, I think I’m still going to monitor my food and alcohol intake as much as I can. With the WW app, I can really keep track of it. But I’ve just got to remember to track every little thing that I chew and swallow. And I think I should try and lose more weight now before all the parties and dinners to give myself a head start! A 2lb loss this week please, Metabolism! 🙂


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