Christmas Shopping… And Haulin’ for Myself :)

I started my Christmas shopping yesterday at Bluewater. One of the reasons I love Christmas shopping is that I end up getting distracted and buying myself tonnes of little things. I got off to a good start, running into House of Fraser and buying one person’s present (both parts!). But then, the make up counter was calling and it would be rude not to make a quick massive visit!

Although I’m still not overly convinced, I am still trying to get along with my Bare Minerals. I needed some Prime Time as the one I had bought (last Christmas!) had finally ran out. I needed some Warmth and Mineral Veil, as the sample pot in the Get Started kit had also run out – again, I bought that last Christmas, so the lasting power of these little pots is amazing.

I wanted to try some blush as I’ve never tried it before. I’ve always been chucking a load of bronzer all over my face to fashion the oompa loompa look. And I watched a YouTube video about contouring the face and I kind of want to give that a go – even though I have a feeling I’m going to look like a multi-coloured zebra… So the lovely Bare Minerals lady said to try a blusher in the shade, Beauty, as it’s one that suits everyone. My Mum’s going to try it as well and she’s a little lot darker than me (shaking my fist at all the holidays she’s been on this year…), so we’ll see how this statement fairs!

Next, we popped into Russell and Bromley for my Mum, who has had some trouble finding boots that fit, because she’s so small and tiny. Boots end up not letting her bend her knee or being too baggy around the calf. We were successful in there and found not one, but two pairs that fitted Mum’s little legs awesomely. Hooray!! Celebrations! I kept picking up a pair that I wanted, but I decided against it… If I keep dreaming about them, I’ll splurge!

I needed to go to The Body Shop for some toner, so we wandered all the way around Bluewater, to the other side of the triangle to The Body Shop. I always walk out with more than what I need when I pop in there, so it’s no surprise that I ended up with a tonne of stuff!

I use the Seaweed collection, which is good for my open pores. I have been using it for quite a while now – I think I started using it at university – and my face is so soft and awesome 🙂 When I first started using it, I really could feel it working on my pores but now, not so much. I just can’t be doing with investigating into what other ones are out there. Maybe I should invest in another skin routine for another part of the year? Anyways, I digress. Here’s my toner. But it didn’t stop there…

I thought it’d be good for me to put a night time treatment on my face as, at the moment, I just cleanse, tone, moisturise and then sleep. So I bought me some Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment. I tried this last night and I thought my face was soft before 🙂 Yay, soft skin. And there’s more…

I asked Mum if I should start using eye treatments. I never had before, but now I’m mid-twenties, I suppose I should start putting something on there to prevent the inevitable wrinkles ‘memory lines’. So I invested in this bad boy. The Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel. I put it on last night and, obviously, after one night you can’t really tell a difference, but I’m going to stick with it and see what happens. But wait. More stuff!!

 I hadn’t had a face mask in yonks. I used to use this Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask loads at university as it doubles up (or trebles up as it’s 3-in-1?) as an exfoliator. The seaweed exfoliator didn’t really do much for my skin and I remember this being a little bit harsher to clear those pores, so I thought I’d give it another go. It’ll fit into my Sunday night hair conditioning, body exfoliating routine very nicely, sitting there with one of these masks on my face with conditioning mask in my hair – bliss! So I only went in for toner and ended up with all of these fabulous goodies. I headed for the check out…

And the lady told me, because I’d spent so much, there was a Body Butter on offer for £1! It’s usually £12.50 and, being one to never miss a bargain, I scooped this one up as well!! I wish I’d smelled it before, because it is very cinnamon-y and I’m not sure if I like that too much but for £1, can you really go wrong?! I might give it to someone for Christmas! Ha! Even I was thinking, “Okay, that’s enough now…”

But when she showed me that these cute lip oils give some of the proceeds to the children affected in Haiti, how could I possibly say no?! I got mine in berry, but they had so many different flavours. It’s like Vaseline but with a roll on and a really nice taste to it. I let Lexi smell it and she absolutely loved it. Really, if that’s not worth a good review, I don’t know what is!

Mum wasn’t feeling very well, so we decided it was time to leave by then – you know, after I’d bought everything in the shop… So off we drove, back to Mum’s house. I picked up my keys and drove home. And there was more stuff waiting for me there!! Seriously, far too much excitement on a Monday evening! I had ordered more H&M stuff, which was delivered and my Glossy Box had arrived (this will be in a different post, because I’m sure you’re bored if you read up to this point!).

I basically need more cardigans and jumpers. I have all these vest tops and t-shirts but it’s getting far too cold to venture out, wearing next to nothing. So I had a browse around the H&M website the other day and ordered some cardigans and jumpers. I am waiting for some more, but this will do to start off with 🙂 I had a 25% off voucher as well, so I was really chuffed! The Internet is being really slow, and actually won’t load one of the jumpers I got in my first package from H&M 😦 But I’ll show you the cardigans I got!

I got this cardigan in both dark grey and blue 🙂 It said size 14-16, but I don’t think they’re that big. They’re ideal for chucking on over a t-shirt with a pair of jeans or leggings – I think they’d go with absolutely anything. The other jumper I got (which won’t show the picture on the Internet…) is a beige with brown stripes jumper and yes, I am wearing it today 🙂 This was my 25% off item, so instead of £14.99, I got it for £11.24 🙂 Hooray! Savings! I love the colour, it’s not something I’d usually wear (you know, because it’s not black or grey or a boring colour like that…) but I am venturing out and it’s a really snuggly jumper 🙂 Again, it says a size 14-16 but it’s not that big, else it’d be hanging off me!

So that’s how exciting my Monday evening was! Has anyone else had a massive shopping splurge recently?!

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