My Rockalily Pink Pompadour Lipstick

I keep meaning to write this up, but I haven’t taken any pictures of my wearing this lipstick yet as the lighting has been terrible when I get home and I still have only my iPhone camera to work from! So apologies for the delay in this!

As per a post I feel I wrote a small age ago (Lippy Woes, for those who haven’t read it!), I am looking for some lipsticks. It’s something I’ve never really been into before – in fact, I owned one bright red one and that was it – and I decided that it would be good for me to venture out into the big wide world of lipsticks to find what suits me better and even for everyday wear. Rockalily (and ReeRee Rockette) are my favourite tweeters at the moment. She’s so informative when she goes out to blogger events (even in her 140 characters) and I seem to be constantly glued to what she is blogging – stalker alert! Only joking. Really.

So what about Rockalily? Rockalily was started when Ms. Rockette was looking for a perfect red shade of lipstick to complement her vintage look. After browsing and discovering that brands did not cater for her needs of a blue-based red lipstick, she decided to make her own. I mentioned ‘blue-based’ before, although not really knowing what it meant… but after some research, I can tell you that when a lipstick is ‘blue-based’, it is more suitable for ladies with ‘cool’ undertones in their skin, whereas orange-based lipsticks are more suitable for warmer (or darker) skinned ladies. I personally think warmer skinned ladies could probably suit either type of lipstick, but for us paleys, we’re looking for blue-based lippys, which also make yellowy teeth appear whiter. Hoorays all around!

The other week, I invested in a Rockalily lipstick, in the shade ‘Pompadour Pink’. This is the pinkest of all four of the Rockalily shades and I was so tempted to buy the Rockalily Red! I decided against it, as I already have a red one… Maybe in the future, I’ll own all Rockalily lipsticks but for now, I’m making a good start on my Pompadour Pink 🙂

Sorry it's a bit blurry... Stupid iPhone camera...

The delivery was super speedy and, when the package arrived (on the night when I was dressed up for a lipstick night, but sporting my red lipstick to complement my red shoes…), it was adorable with the words ‘Life’s too short to not wear lipstick’ on the envelope. Awww! Upon opening, there were some leaflets about some alternative products and then, my tube of lipstick in a professional black leopard print cardboard box with the shade cut out underneath. I eagerly opened this and saw a glossy black tube, immediately throwing off the lid and twisting the bottom to reveal the most gorgeous pink! As the light hits it, you can see all these colours; it’s astounding! But how does ReeRee describe this shade?

A semi-gloss pink lipstick in a bright fuchsia shade. It is blue based, so it is great for pale skins and whiter looking teeth. The perfect pink!

I first wore this to Jay’s nan’s 80th the other week and I absolutely loved it! Because my make up is usually very plain (foundation, black flicky eyeliner, mascara, occasionally bronzer), it brought colour to my face (and bland outfit!) and I feel it transformed my look from ‘grey jumper, black eyeliner, yawn’ to ‘grey jumper, WOW PINK LIPSTICK! Awesome!’… does that even make sense?

I think the staying power of the lipstick is really good as well, considering I didn’t use anything under or on top of the product – that’s next on my to-do list! It had little fade (even through sipping champagne!) and didn’t dry out, so my lips looked full for most of the day. Hooray! For £14.00, these lipsticks are definitely worth the money, particularly as I think I can get away with wearing this shade everyday as well as for special occasions. I think I’ll be purchasing my replacement for this soon… Not only that, but Rockalily lipsticks have also been shortlisted for the Best Lipstick award at Handbag,com, fighting amongst massive contenders such as YSL, Chanel and Barry M!

Here’s how my face looks with Pompadour Pink on. I really apologise, there is no good lighting in this house and my picture does not really do it much justice…:

It'd be wrong to do a lippy post without a bit of a posey pout, right? 🙂
After an all-day smokey-eye-makeup… With unstraightened hair… Bleurgh!!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to and place your order! You will not be disappointed!