WLB for this week

I have completely lost track of number of days I have been doing Weight Loss Buddy for… Apologies. But I am still trying, even though my weight loss buddy and I have had a falling out (and currently not on speaking terms) so I’m going at it alone for a while! Last I heard, she was still losing, so good on her and I hope she reaches her goal.

This week, I did put on. I didn’t weigh myself last week, I can’t remember why… But this week had seen an increase of 2lbs. Sad face! The second I get close enough to my first stone, I seem to put on. It’s becoming a little frustrating to be honest, but I did have curry on Sunday night. I have bucked my ideas up, hoping to lose another half stone before Christmas, which is about 4 or 5 weeks away. That’s just over 1lb loss a week. Fingers crossed, eh?

I have actually opened my WW app since last week and started recording what I’m eating and drinking more strictly. Honestly, if I don’t get anywhere with tracking harder, I’m going to have to stop the WW diet altogether.

Obstacles for this week: 

  • I think there’s just the one and that’s going out for dinner with my Mum on Saturday evening. We’re going to town to see the Christmas lights turn on, but going for a meal (and drinks). I’ll just have to track absolutely everything that I eat and drink in my app, which I am getting better at. I must opt for a healthier option at dinner.

Things to change for this week:

  • As I’m starting my training for my new part-time job on Sunday, I’m going to go for a swim afterwards. My exercising still hasn’t kicked in, because I feel exhausted from working all week. I’m on my 11th working day without a day off. Not that I’m complaining. But I have 2 more days until my next day off!
  • I have already altered my water intake and I’m drinking over 2 litres a day to try and speed up metabolism – this may have had an impact on my weight gain, because my body might not be used to it!
  • I am eating more fruit and vegetables, so yay me!
  • I’m planning on cutting down on carbohydrates a little more this week. We’re having spag bol without the spag tonight. I’m not even going to have any garlic bread. That’s how good I’m being!
  • I have looked into getting a personal trainer, who’s based near where I work and I’m going to enquire this week. I don’t know when this will start (money issues…) but at least it’s a positive step in the right direction!

I think I’ve just got to give up chocolate and takeaways for the next 4 weeks, which is easy enough, right? Because I’m going to be at work most of the time, I will have to make sure I have enough food for when I start my part time job permanently so that I don’t stray (although I think I will be eating before work and when I get home from work). Hopefully, being busy all the time will destroy those “I’m bored” hunger cravings.

I’m hoping for a massive weight loss next week but we’ll just wait and see. I just have to stick to the WW diet and stop eating whatever I like. Although with WW points, you can eat chocolate and chips, it doesn’t mean that I should. I think maybe having carbs for only one meal a day (if I really need to…) might do me some good, even if I do love my bread and pasta. I think this is going to be a tough week this week but I am determined to be a little lighter for Christmas and New Year.

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