WLB: Hoorays all around!

Hooray! I lost nearly 3lbs this week!! I have to say, I think it comes down to drinking heaps more water than my body has been used to, because I’ve not really eaten that well this week (even eating a pizza yesterday! But only because our fridge light had cooked our lean beef for our bolognaise… but that’s another story!). I was sick at the weekend, so I think that might’ve had something to do with it. Anyways, I’m a happy bunny this week.

With the end of next week being my first Christmas party of the holiday season, I would really love another nearly 3lb weight loss; to have lost nearly half a stone in 2 weeks is better than I’ve done during the whole time I’ve been at WW, I think! I am pretty motivated and my little tips from last week have proven to be working! Hooray!

I only really have bread at lunchtime now. I have pretty much cut out all carbs out of my dinner (apart from the emergency pizza yesterday!) and I’m feeling good. I’m drinking about 3 litres of water a day now – maybe even more as for some reason, I’m feeling really thirsty in the cold… Is that normal?

Obstacles of this week:

They’re the things I am looking forward to this week, but the things that will affect my diet the worst.

  1. Tonight, part time job training. Because I was sick over the weekend, I didn’t do the training for my new part time job, and it’s been rescheduled for tonight. Which means I’ll be eating dinner quite late and I don’t like eating late dinners…
  2. Coffee with Jodi tomorrow. I haven’t met up with Jodi for yonks and I don’t drink coffee, so I’m’a have a Starbucks ‘skinny’ and tiny hot chocolate – with a bottle of water. If they can actually be skinny, which I don’t think they can. Have you seen them pump all that chocolatey goodness into the bottom of the mug?! Nomalicious. But bad for me. And I will stay away from the muffins… Promise! The skinny blueberry muffin is about 10 points! Yikes!
  3. Out for drinks with Mum, Auntie Karen and Megan. I promised I’d only pop in for a couple and I’ll make sure I stick to that… I keep drinking to get ‘H’ to the ‘Ammered’ at the moment, and it’s not a good look for me or my WW. So I’m only going out for a couple and I’ll be sticking to it!

Overall, I want to try and not get into my weekly allowance this week. I did use most of my weekly allowance last week, but I figured I could probably lose more if I don’t go into that and keep to my little tips.

Things to improve on:

  1. Fruit eating. God damnit, Franno. Well, with the fridge light quite literally cooking the beefy mince, it has made all the fridge fruit (you know, the strawberries and raspberries) also go out of date. Not to mention my yoghurts 😦 I will have to buy some more fruit this weekend and massively indulge! I actually quite like fruit 🙂 – and I have been eating loads of vegetables in stuff for lunch and dinner and yeah 🙂
  2. Exercise. Yep, still haven’t been exercising. There’s no excuse. I’ve actually been looking for a personal trainer this week, but funnily enough, they’re all booked up! I’ve put myself on the waiting lists and hopefully something more will come of that in the new year.

I am really chuffed with weight loss this week, but I must not get cocky! This tends to happen, week after week – I lose a good amount of weight, think I can eat anything and then pile it back on again! Well, no more! I’m going to keep drinking all my waters and stuffs and see where that takes me. Hopefully, to another 3lb loss next week 🙂


One thought on “WLB: Hoorays all around!

  1. We are only meeting at Starbucks – we do NOT have to stay there for over-priced, over-caloric evil coffees. ^-^

    I’m hoping the weather will be decent and we can go for a walk instead of sitting in the shop… so wear appropriate shoes, Franno! And if the weather stinks, let’s both get tea somewhere with a bit more personality than Starbucks. WIN. xo

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