Hair Post

Because of the frequent decision changes I have whenever it comes to my hair, it has left it in pretty bad condition. When I say that, I mean most of the front section of the hair has broken and, because I have naturally wavy hair, this results in my daily battle with hair straighteners in hand, burning the living hell out of these unruly strands.

Not all of my hair is like this. In fact, the back and sides are fine – maybe because I can’t see that much of them with my short style. I don’t think the bleach earlier this year has done it much good. Seriously, bleach ruined my scalp and my hair! So I have come to the decision that when my hair is long enough to not look silly, I will have a fringe cut in. I don’t know what kind of fringe – I have had many different types over the years and I am considerably lucky that my face seems to sport whatever colour and cut I fancy for that month. I have had a blunt fringe, but I think that it wouldn’t suit me with short hair. I think it’ll make my head look massively round and big. Think of a lollipop, but the stick isn’t so sticky yet…

I think I’ll probably opt for a soft side fringe. Not only are they easy to maintain but they are HUGELY easy to grow out. And I speak from experience. I had them cut in, grow it out, cut it in again… So I think that’s the better option for me. Rant over, decision made. When my hair’s long enough, I’ll show you 🙂

I’m on my way to see Jodi (yes, this is another iPhone post, so that’s why it’s so bland!). I am looking forward to catching up 🙂 Today, I taught for 2 hours in Southend. I have been a real globe trotter today – well, not “globe”, but Essex. Haha.

Hope y’all having a good week!


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