As if I don’t do enough ‘online/social gaming’, I recently signed up to play with foursquare on my phone. For those who haven’t heard of foursquare, here’s what the about page says it is:

Foursquare makes the real world easier to use. We build tools that help you keep up with friends, discover what’s nearby, save money and unlock deals. Whether you’re setting off on a trip around the world, coordinating a night out with friends, or trying to pick out the best dish at your local restaurant, foursquare is the perfect companion.

I have only been using foursquare for a few days and so far, I have ‘checked in’ to 8 places, including my lunchtime spots and Tesco and I have earned 72 points, placing me #2 out of all my foursquare friends. You can earn awards and become ‘mayor’ of places if you have visited a certain number of times.

Besides this ‘gaming’ aspect, you can leave tips about that particular location, rather like reviewing what the best bits of that place are. You can ‘explore’ places near you that people have recommended and make a list of places to check out. Good, eh?

I started publishing all this info to my Twitter and Facebook, but figured that those feeds are usually clogged up with my rambles or links to my blog or whatever, so I decided to turn that feature off! But if you do sign up, sync your account with Twitter/Facebook and I’m sure you’ll find me, wandering around Essex 🙂

Happy mid-week, y’all 🙂


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