Graze Boxes

With puppy currently fast asleep on the blanket next to me, I thought I’d take this opportunity for a quick post 🙂 After reading a blog post by Lozzi, I have decided to subscribe for a free Graze box. Graze is not a new concept for me; at my old job, 50% of the employees were subscribed and ‘grazing’ at their desks as they worked. I didn’t subscribe then; firstly, because I am a really fussy eater and secondly, I preferred going out and getting my own lunch. Delivered food always seems to be weird to me, I have no idea why.

I subscribed on Saturday, my first box arrived on Tuesday to my house (hooray, off work!!). Whilst subscribing, you get to pick what kind of things wouldn’t appeal to you by ‘binning’ them, so I immediately binned olives and anything with nuts in. It’s not that I’m allergic to nuts, I haven’t been tested, but they do give my stomach upset. My Mum craved peanuts when she was pregnant with me, and I think those 8 months ‘absorbing’ tonnes of peanuts has been my fill of a lifetime. I was expecting a mix of everything in my little box and on your account, you can rate which products you would prefer, so you’re not going to receive things that you don’t like.

So what did I get in my free Graze box? The first thing I tried was The Great Fire Dragon, which contains roasted maize, chilli broad beans and jumbo chilli maize. It was really tasty – I could defo see me eating some of that in the future, so I logged onto and marked that as a love. Secondly, I tried cherry tomato, basil and Puglian pesto focaccia, which was fresh and defo nibbley 🙂 NOMS. Another love 🙂

Thirdly, was an orange and ginger flapjack. It did taste distinctively of ginger nuts biscuits, although a little sickly, so I ticked the like button for this; I think too much would be far too sickly! Lastly was my natural vanilla seeds. I’m a bit funny with seeds in that I don’t eat them at all. I just haven’t been ‘adventurous’ enough to see the point of them really. But I have to say, I did enjoy them and it beats going out and eating a chocolate bar, right?

Would I recommend Graze Box? Yes, I would actually. I don’t know how often to subscribe to mine, so I’m going to try once a week for the time being and see if I need anymore and for nearly 4quid a time, you can’t really go wrong for snacks 🙂

If you would like to try a Graze Box for free and see how you get on, use this code: 8ZX8CN6D at the checkout!


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