December Glossy Box

Oscar is having a quick nap before bed – I know, I think he sleeps too much too – so I thought I’d write a quick post about this month’s Glossy Box. Please excuse the lack of photos; it’s so dark in here, my iPhone isn’t charged and I don’t know how long he’s going to be asleep for, so I’m being super speedy!

Hurrah! Gifts to open before Christmas! I was super impressed with what was in my box this month. No perfume samples in sight and most products were make up related. Well done, Glossy Box; I know they got a lot of negative feedback about the November box, but it seems like they’ve taken whatever was said on board and really come up with an amazing box.

What was in my box this month? Firstly, MeMeMe‘s Seventh Heaven, which is ‘a luxurious moisturising facebase enriched with active nutrients and extracts to prime and nourish the skin’. Basically, a primer. My goodness, does it smell amazing though?! It’s so citrusy and fresh. I can’t wait to try it – both on it’s own to moisturise and brighten up my skin, and with my foundation, just to test it’s staying power.

Secondly, I received Rituals Foaming Shower Gel – can’t find the website for this, sorry; but my card does say you can buy it at department stores. My scent is in ‘Yogi Flow – Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil’. This was actually good timing, as I just ran out of shower gel! Hooray! I have never tried a foam in the shower before, but it smells awesome and again, I look forward to trying it.

Next, and possibly the most impressive content of the box, we have the Blink+Go‘s Hi-Definition Mascara. It is in a massive tube! Honestly, I’ve never seen a mascara as big as this! This mascara claims to ‘Give your natural lashes a stunning flake-free, waterproof boost’. I haven’t heard of Blink+Go before but I look trying out new mascaras, although I’m quite happy with my Barry M for now… Maybe this will be an occasion mascara 🙂

Fourth is one of Cargo Cosmetics‘ Classic Lip Gloss. Mine is in the shade ‘Tokyo’, which is a lovely medium pink that you can wear with pretty much anything and the sample size is amazing for when I fancy just bringing my purse out and not a massive bag. It’s fragrance-free and high-shine without glitter.

Lastly, I got me a glitter nail varnish from Deborah Lippmann, in the shade ‘Razzle Dazzle’ which also accompanies a nail varnish remover mitt. There’s no website for this one, but you can find them at House of Fraser. I don’t really wear glitter varnish, but I have to say, it’s in a gorgeous plum colour (similar to my Barry M Raspberry colour) and I think it’ll be amazing for going to parties and stuffs. I haven’t opened the mitt yet… I haven’t used a remover mitt before, I’m a cotton pads remover girl… But I’m willing to give it a go, and hopefully it’ll be quicker; not that the time it takes to remove nail varnish annoys me, but that’ll be the only factor to make me change my ways, I guess.

I am super chuffed with this box! I think I will use absolutely everything in it more than once. All samples are a good size, but I think it’s because most of them are in fact full sized products! Jay’s Glossy Box for Men arrived but I wasn’t in to sign for it – I’m picking it up at the post office tomorrow and we’ll see what’s in there as well and I will write it up in case anyone wants to subscribe for their boyfriends 🙂 If you want to subscribe, ask me for a link so I get some ‘recommend a friend’ Glossy points!

Sorry I’ve been crap at blogging (and tweeting!) recently; Oscar is taking up a lot more of my time than I thought! I have to keep watch of him all day else he runs off and chews the Christmas tree lights or leaves me ‘presents’… Hopefully, we’ll have the house training down by next week and I’ll be back online a bit more!


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