Back Soon!!

Hi guys! I just wanted to write a quick note to apologise for being so rubbish with my posts recently. Ozzy (yes, that’s his name now 🙂 – we have shortened it!) has been really hard work, but I’m happy to report he is very nearly completely house trained and not whining at nights. He is in his bed right now in his play pen and he is not moaning at all, so I’m really chuffed and proud of him. Although Jay doesn’t want to admit it, because he wasn’t completely sold on the idea of getting Ozzy, he completely loves him too 🙂 I think Ozzy has a bromance going on with Jay, as he won’t leave him alone when he’s home from work!

Just a quick update with what else has been happening. Last night, I had a Christmas do with Mum and her lady friends – some of whom have known me since I was a mere baby! It was good; lots of alcohol was drank and a lot of shapes were thrown on the dancefloor. Funnily enough, I don’t have a hangover today; I just feel really tired, so I’m still in my dressing gown and watching Jeremy Kyle – two weeks off of work has resulted me to this!

Because not a lot has happened and because he hasn’t had his second vaccination to take him on walks, I haven’t really taken any non-Ozzy-related pictures. In fact, my Facebook friends must be overloaded with pics of him! His second vaccination is at the end of the week, so I’ll hopefully have some lovely pics of him, discovering the outdoors for the first time.

On that note and with Christmas around the corner, I will particularly unreliable with my posts 😦 I will of course let you know what I got for Christmas and what I’ve given to my loved ones after the day (so I don’t ruin any surprises!) and I will do an updated 2012 new year resolutions post when I figure out what it is I want to achieve next year. I have a pretty good idea, but you never know until it’s New Year’s Eve, do you? I mean, that’s when you really start thinking about it.

Happy Christmas and I hope you all get suitably merry all the way into the New Year! With that, I will post a few puppy pictures 🙂 I can’t help myself!!


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