Post Christmas Post!

I’m biting the bullet and trying to cram this in before pup wakes up! Hahaha. Apologies if this post is a bit scatty 🙂

Firstly, I hope you had a very merry Christmas. I’m cramming in a quick post about what my family and I got up to this year and what I was lucky enough to receive and give to the people I love 🙂 it might be a bit rambley, but hey. This post isn’t to brag at all; I have really enjoyed reading what other people had received this year, so I hope that you enjoy this one too!

To me, it hasn’t really felt Christmassy this year. I think it’s because there’s not been any snow and the run up to Christmas started in about October, so it just wore thin way before December had even got here. But it’s that time of year where you show the ones you love how much you love them with gifts and booze. And so it started.

Christmas Eve was a bit of a sober one compared to last year, where we all got completely hammered and ended up in my Mum’s hallway, tearing our presents open. We stayed until the pub shut, but there’s nothing really to report from there. Just seemed like an average Friday.

Jay didn’t have any presents to open from me on Christmas Day, as he got Westlife tickets and a Glossy box subscription (which he had already opened – I will do a post on this soon as well, in case you’re considering this for the man in your lives!), but Jay had got me an Amazon kindle, which is completely amazing. I had a Sony eReader, but it was completely not practical in that you had to connect it to your computer to download anything you wanted to read on it and the Kindle is completely straight forward. Within 5 minutes, I had already put a book on there. Although, that is a little dangerous… I can see me just buying away on my Amazon account! I’ll have to keep track!

On Christmas Day, we went to my Mum’s house. We were meant to have Christmas at our’s, but Jay had to head home a week before Christmas for some sad news, so we hadn’t really prepared. So Jay, Ozzy and I headed over to Mum’s at about 11.30, armed with presents and puppy food.

For my little brother, I got him a Ted Baker shirt – the same one I bought him last year in a different colour. I can’t find this picture online, but it’s stripey purple; I got him blue last year 🙂 I also got him a Ted Baker belt, which he was really chuffed with, because he needed one 🙂 He got me some Mac make up and Mac brushes; I got some photo ready foundation, which I am dying to try! I’ll do this present it’s very own post – I can’t move and get the exact product names/numbers right now!

For my Mum, we (Jay, brother and I) got her some Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume and 4 tickets to see Billy Elliot in the West End. She knew about the perfume but was so happy with the tickets. I’m pretty good at buying Mum presents, particularly when the boys don’t help! Mum got me some Russell and Bromley tan boots and a bag to match 🙂 I had picked them out so I was really really chuffed. I’ll take a picture of this another day – promise!

My grandparents and Uncle Jim gave me some money, which I’d asked for as I’m still losing weight so will need to buy clothes next year! I got my grandparents a clock for their mantel piece and I got my Uncle Jim a stripey jumper.

I got my Uncle Pat a couple of jumpers and I got my cousins some Lakeside vouchers as well.

We tried to get Ozzy acquainted with my Mum’s 1 year old boxers, but Cooper is a bit too big and unaware of his own strength! Ozzy stood by the stair gate that confined them and barked at them all day!

Dinner was good. Uncle Pat tried his first Brussel sprout and parsnip. Cracker jokes were told. Paper hats were worn. And booze was drank. We then retired to the lounge and started on a 2000 piece puzzle. A pretty standard Christmas Day really. It was the first one Jay had spent with my family and I think it went pretty well.

On Boxing Day, all three of us headed up to Jay’s parents for more festivities! Jay’s parents had organised a lovely lunch at the pub for all of their friends to attend as well and I had a really nice time. For Jay’s sister, we got her some Vera Wang Preppy Princess perfume and moisturiser, and she got me a snood, which I am in love with and wear absolutely everywhere, now that it’s somehow getting colder! Jay’s parents got us an Ikea voucher, a couple of Christmas mugs and a lovely cushion, which is on our hangover chair so that Ozzy can’t chew it 🙂

I really enjoyed lunch at Jay’s parents’ local. Wine was drank. Food eaten. And a quiz was started (before I had to go home and check that Ozzy hadn’t ripped apart their laundry room! Which he hadn’t). Ozzy also made friends with Jay’s parents’ dog, Monty, who he continued to follow around the house and terrorise with his yapping!

Although I wasn’t feeling very Christmassy, it’s so nice to spend time with the people you love. Jay and I are really lucky that we get on with our families well and it was lovely just chilling with both families. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and if you have posted about what you got this year, please share as I love being nosey and reading everyone else’s too! 🙂


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