Summary of 2011 Resolutions and New Year’s Resolution for 2012

I have my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post in my drafts, but I’ve not had time to take pictures of everything yet, due to the brat of a dog running into every shot, so I’m doing this a bit backwards and publishing my resolution post first. Honestly, I will be blogging a bit better when I’m back at work and sitting at a computer for 8 hours with puppy running around my feet.

This time last year, I wrote myself a post of what my resolutions were to be for 2011 and, as it’s that time of year again, I figured I should probably review all of these to see what I stuck to and what I could probably carry forward to this year. If you want to read the original post, it’s here, but I will be going through each of them to see what exactly happened to my resolutions.

  1. It probably doesn’t surprise you that a massive part of my resolution was to lose weight, as I have been banging on about losing weight all year. You know what? I had a good start this year. Well. A start this year. To be honest, I could’ve done better, but I really didn’t want to control my life by a diet. From January, I will be hitting the diet hard. It’s my brother’s 21st at the end of January (which may be a bit too optimistic to lose, like a stone or something!) and I’m throwing a birthday bash in April this year. Eventually, I will be my ideal weight and look 🙂
  2. The second resolution of last year was to be nicer to Jay. I actually feel like I have been a lot nicer to Jay this year; maybe because it’s not really been as stressful year. I have generally been feeling happier and I think therefore I have been acting more positively 🙂 I even pick him up from the station without moaning and groaning. Awesome.
  3. Don’t drink so much did appear on my resolution list. If you excuse the last few posts where I have been ‘drinking to get hammered’, I don’t think I have drank so often this year, but I do want to take this a step further and perhaps not drink for a certain amount of time and take regular detoxes this year. This will help with the weight loss as well, and my general well-being.
  4. I have taken more photos this year – some of it spurred by my new ‘Week In Photos’ posts (Christmas has made me slack on this!). I have taken over a hundred pictures of Ozzy since we’ve had him! But I definitely would like to keep this up.
  5. Lastly, we had to take care of my face. I have to say I have taken much better care of my skin since I made these resolutions a year ago. I don’t really break out as much anymore. Obviously you get those days, but really, I can’t remember the last time I had a massive spot on my face that didn’t magically disappear in a couple of days.

Generally, I think my resolutions went well last year. The ones to definitely carry forward are:

  1. Lose weight. Well, duh. 2 stone this year please.
  2. Don’t drink so much/Regular booze detoxes. I think I’ll have to look at my calendar and see when I get fit my detoxes in, but I probably won’t drink between New Year and lil bro’s birthday, and then the next big thing I can think of (off the top of my head) is my holiday in April.
  3. Take more photos. And make sure they’re not all of Ozzy.

More to add to this?

  1. Budget better. Hasn’t my budgeting been completely rubbish this year?! Hopefully, this will come naturally when my part time jobs finally get going (I have one of my first shifts on Monday day! Ahhh! And it’s on my own for 8 hours! Double ahhh!!), but I have really overspent in December. I think most people do though and, with Ozzy accessories and insurance and the suchlike, it was generally an expensive month.  A little saving goes a long way and all that jazz!
  2. Continue my girly phase. 2011 was the year that I got completely girly and I LOVE IT. I really do enjoy my Glossy boxes and playing with hair and make up, as sad as that may sound. I am really excited to see where it takes me in 2012.
  3. Get more organised. I noticed that my organisation at work was failing a little bit by the end of the year, so I want to brush this up when I start work again on Tuesday. I have already bought my 2012 work diary and have already a to-do list as long as my forearm to get on with when I get back. I am pretty excited to get back in my chair and get on with it, to be honest.

So that’s 6 New Year’s resolutions for 2012 to make a more awesome Franno. Is 6 enough? I can’t actually think of many more; that’s not to say I’m completely perfect as soon as these ones are all done! I’m sure I’ll think of more in time for next year.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! What’s your New Year’s resolutions?


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