Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: A Review

First post of 2012! Yay! Happy new year, all – I hope you’re not nursing too much of a sore head.

Honestly, Winter is the season to spend all of your hard-earned on movies, popcorn and hot dogs at the cinema. I very rarely go to the cinema but I’ve been a few times in the past few weeks. I do enjoy going to the cinema and some films are so much better to see in the cinema than at home on your normal sized TV. Tonight, me and the fam are off to see the second Sherlock Holmes, which I am pretty excited about but the other night, me, Mum, Uncle Pat and some of our pub buddies went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

This is the first book in the Stieg Larsson series and the second attempt to make a film about it; the first being referred to as ‘the Swedish version’ and this, ‘the American version’. To be completely and utterly honest, I couldn’t really ‘get into’ the first book. I really tried on a number of occasions, because my Mum had raved about it so much and she wasn’t wrong about the Twilights… but the first couple of hundred pages are build-up and I am one to get a bit bored if nothing is happening.

However, the film did not disappoint. You learned all you needed to know about the characters before all the juicy stuff started happening. I did kind of figure out how the story was going to go but it was still pretty entertaining. I didn’t realise the film was certified at 18 and I am a real cringer, finding some of the scenes a little too graphic and hiding behind my snood, wishing it would stop! If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what bits I mean! I can just about stomach an action film that’s been certified 15… I’m such a child, ha!

I love Daniel Craig and I think he played his character very well; a hero with imperfections who manages to redeem himself at the end. It was a bit James Bondy, particularly with the opening credits taking about 10 minutes with all these oily girls prancing about. The ‘dragon tattooed girl’ was really awesome and believable. The actress, Rooney Mara, I had never even heard of before and she looks nothing like her grungey and grimey character – she portrays it really well. Her hair bugged me… Haha, I was like, grow a friiiinge!! But that wasn’t what her part was all about… Haha.

After watching the film, I asked Mum how it compared with the book and she said it was quite well done in how they fit in almost everything to still have the story make sense. Apparently, they missed out a bit where they go to Australia, but we think that part wasn’t needed.

It wasn’t much of a cliff hanger, because I think that all the books are meant to be completely different anyway, but I am looking forward to the next one, which will probably be out the same time next year, like they all do to leave you hanging.

Have you guys seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yet? Have you read the book? Did you think it did the book justice?


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