Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows

So on Sunday, before the bank holiday and before going back to work, me and the fam went to see Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows. I’m going to be honest, this post has been sitting in my dashboard, waiting to be worked on, but I’m having some trouble conducting what I actually though about it? Weird, eh?

I am a bit of a geek, really… I freakin’ love Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock! I think I have seen the first film about a bazillion times (I don’t exaggerate…) and you know what, it’s probably one of my favourite films.

My brother had seen it already, but wanted to see it again and that usually bodes well with me as we both like mostly the same kind of films. I think because I went in with a great expectation of it being completely and utterly amazing, I found it disappointing 😦 The story was good and invited the viewer to think more than the first one, I guess. But I don’t know, I found myself drifting away about half way through which is such a massive shame.

Nonetheless, on reflection, I think I did enjoy the story line. And Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law’s on-screen partnership. I think they are amazing actors individually, but this is just a different league!

I think one of the reasons why this post has been so difficult is because there’s literally nothing to write home about. I think it’s what I expected from an action film and it did deliver, even if I thought some parts were disappointing.

Sorry for a shoddy post… I’m just really confused 😦 Have you seen it? Can you explain how I’m feeling about it all?!


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