WW 2012

Before Weigh In:

Well, it’s a New Year and no one eats well over Christmas and New Year, so I have to say I’m a bit nervous about my weigh in this evening. I tried to weigh myself over Christmas, but going into Boots and holding onto my wallet, phone and keys whilst I’m on the scales does give you a shoddy weigh in… I didn’t eat too badly over Christmas and the New Year actually. Seeing as I was chasing around after a sock-stealing pup, I kind of forgot to eat during the day. But when I did eat, it was more than likely a Dominos pizza. Not a massive one. But still a Dominos. Comfort eating, can’t be bothered to cook mode.

I am so super determined to lose the rest of my university weight this year. There’s around about 2 stone of it, floating around my spare tyre tummy and my rounded arse. Seriously, the top half of me looks like a skinny person – in fact, I’m sure I’ve lost the stone from just my top half of my body! – but all the fat has congregated around the bottom half of me. Stupid pear shape!

If you read my tweets last night, you’ll see that I’m a bit annoyed with the January television culture of scheduling every documentary or reality tv show about weight loss, losing weight, death through an overweight woman rolling onto someone else. Is this really to get us motivated? I would bet that about 80% of people have probably made the New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year, particularly as we are a fat nation. But I think you have to want to really lose weight in order to make it happen and, although I have really really really wanted to lose weight ever since leaving university, I haven’t really had that drive. This year will be different; I saw small results last year but it’s time for a drastic result.

Bring on the weigh in this evening!

After Weigh In:

I’m actually really surprised. I managed to put on 3lbs over the Christmas break, which is something that usually happens when I just look at a chocolate bar. So the fact that I ate turkey, stuffing, potatoes and chocolate Christmas pudding… NOMS… hasn’t really made too much of a difference. I’m still under 13stone – hooray! – but there is still a long way to go! I’m thinking of going jogging with Ozzy; we tried it today and he’s actually a lot better on the lead when you’re running than if you’re walking, so… Obviously at first, it’ll be for like, 5 minutes because of his little legs, but as he gets bigger and used to my ways, I’m sure he’ll be fine. I’m actually thinking of going back to my Zumba ways as well, but after Ozzy is used to our routine of going to work, coming home, eating dinner and going in his crate for an hour and a half, whilst I shake my bootay to the Spanish flavaaaa!

Generally, I’m pretty happy. I’m hoping for a 2lb loss for next week, to start this whole thing the right way for this year. I also watched Bigger Than Beyonce last night – cringe! – and most of those girls were my height, but were far heavier than me. So kudos to me, for being slimmer than a Beyonce lookalike. Ha.


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