Ozzy’s First Week at Work

I promise I won’t blog about Ozzy all the time, but some people have been asking how he’s got on this week, as he’s started coming to work with me. I am extremely lucky that I have awesome bosses who have allowed me to bring my puppy to work 🙂 But I’m also extremely lucky that Ozzy doesn’t get car sick, scared of new places and is very nearly completely house trained!

Ozzy started coming to work with me after the Christmas break, on the Tuesday after the bank holiday. I was a bit nervous, because I know he’s really rubbish at peeing in other people’s gardens (or in my office’s case, a big pile of leaves near the car park…) so I was just waiting for him to pee and crap absolutely everywhere. I had no faith in my 12 week old puggle pup.

Tuesday morning, we got up and treated it like any other day. We had breakfast and went for our morning walk to the cricket green and back, which should usually take about 5 minutes (if that), but with Ozzy, it takes about 20 minutes because he wants to stop and sniff absolutely everything. Then came the tough bit. The travelling crate. Ozzy absolutely hates the crate and he will whimper and whine and bark until he’s let out to wherever we are going. I can happily report that, by Friday, Ozzy goes in his crate on his own when he is bored of my company in the office and will happily play there with all his toys. He’s still not sure about being locked in there, but he only whines for about 10 minutes in the car on the way to work.

Ozzy has only had 2 wee accidents a day, from my being on the phone and not paying attention to him, which isn’t bad considering when we first brought him to our house – and therefore, a new place – he was peeing and pooing absolutely everywhere and anywhere he wanted. He has been reasonably quiet, unless we have just been on a walk to our leave-pile and he’s ran up the stairs to my office and barking at me from the top stair. And he has not destroyed the office wires, products or furniture (well, he has been chewing my office chair and, when he’s on my lap, he will go for the desk). A lot of the time, because he’s so little and has little legs, he sleeps from all our walking to and from the cricket green, to and from the leave pile, to and from the post box. I am really proud of our little dog.

On Thursday, I had to cover some lessons in the morning and leave Ozzy at home in his bed for just over 3 hours. I think that’s the longest I have left him on his own and again, I was pretty nervous. We did our normal routine, with breakfasting and walking and then he had to go back to bed. I felt quite guilty on Thursday, but I needn’t have worried, because I came back and he was just as awesome as he has been all week! We went for our 20 minute walk to the cricket green and then came to the office and he was super happy.

Do I regret buying Ozzy? Honestly, no. He has been an absolute superstar so far and, although we still have to train him so that he is awesomely good, I think he’ll be quite easy to train. He already sits for a treat and goes to bed for a treat. It just seems like this house-training thing is taking its time but I think, as soon as he has the hang of it, he’ll be completely awesome at that too. And sometimes he bites really hard, but I think he just gets super excited and that’s how he’d usually play with his brothers and sisters in his litter. But other than that, I am really happy with Ozzy as part of our little family.

How has your first week back at work been? Hope you’re all back into the swing of things already! 🙂


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