New Year, New Hair

So, the same Sunday I went to see Sherlock Holmes with the fam, I decided to dye my hair. My hairdresser is currently out of action, due to just having a baby and chilling at home with the newborn (although, I don’t think ‘chilling’ is the right word…), so I had to resort to doing it myself. I am really rubbish at self-dying. When I went red, I had to get Jay to do it, for fear that I’d get red stained around the back of my neck, which is not a good look for us with shorter hair. Jay wasn’t around and I was only going a dark brown, so I figured I’d try it all by myself with no supervision.

On a night out, the night after I coloured my hair! Brave, eh?I had used Schwarzkopf Live XXL in Red Passion 43 before and it had worked really well with my hair (cue: picture of me in said red hair the night after I Jay had dyed it for me!), so I thought I’d stick with what I knew and used another Schwarzkopf colour; this time, instead of XXL (is there such thing as XXL in chocolate brown hair??), purchasing Schwarzkopf Live Unlimited Gloss in Tempting Chocolate 880.

The directions were straight forward; mix little pot of number 1, with big pot of number 2. Leave on for half an hour. Rinse off until water runs clear, put in Potion Number 3 for 2 minutes, rinse and enjoy your amazingly chocolate looking hair. During my half an hour wait, I looked in the mirror to see if I’d actually managed to get any colour on my face or ears and saw that my ears were completely covered in brown… and I had no make up wipes. D’oh! So, much to my demise, I left the colour on my ears and prayed that I had enough concealer in case this all went horrifically wrong before my escapade to the cinema!
br />
Voila! Here’s my amazing hair colour for the world and his mates to see 🙂 (taken from my iPhone when we went to see Billy Elliot.)

I am really chuffed with it; I would say the colour on the packet is pretty much the same as what my hair is sporting these days, which is pretty much what any colourant is working towards, right? It didn’t stain my face or ears (or the back of my head, I don’t think…) and it’s a bit of a change from the usual hair colours I choose… You know, the blonde or the red or the lightish brown… And I have had a few people complementing me on how it suits my face a lot better than any of those other colours! Hooray!

I suppose the looming question is whether I will stick this one out for a little more than just a couple of months like I usually do. And I suppose only time will tell, but I am really happy with my January hair colour this year. Have you started this year with a new change to your hair?


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