Billy Elliot The Musical: A Review

For Christmas, we bought my Mum four Billy Elliot The Musical tickets and, with Jay and little bro not wanting to see boys ballet dance around the stage, Mum invited two friends and we popped onto the train up to London. I wanted to get Mum Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert tickets, but unfortunately that show is no long in London from NYE and I thought that was a bit too close to the actual giving her the tickets date for us to get organised!

We wandered around Covent Garden for a bit (I bought me a coat and some prints of London for our house 🙂) and then we felt peckish, so ambled over to one of my favourite restaurants, Cafe Pacifico, which does amazing Mexican food (and cocktails). A stomach full of enchiladas and 5 (strong!!!) daiquiris later, we were in a taxi on the way to the theatre (for some more vodka… and…) to sit on our backsides for an arse-numbing three hours. My legs had forgotten how to walk when we had to go… The seats were tiny (like all theatre seats, really) that I managed to smack a guy in the head with my bag of prints, drunkenly mumbling “Soz!” to apologise for my actions, retiring to my seat and giggling for about 10 minutes. Cringe.

But less of that, more onto what I thought of the show! I wish I could dance like that was a thought that popped into my head on more than one occasion, but I have the grace and elegance of a pregnant elephant, so I will keep dreaming that I can tap dance and ballet dance… Like those 9 year olds that were so awesomely good, when they were pretending to be rubbish, it didn’t quite cut it. I thought the accents of all characters were pretty spot on for County Durham and the show stuck massively to the original story, which is great. I don’t like it when they cut bits out for a stage show; it kind of ruins it! I think the weirdest bit of the show was when the class of ballerinas were dancing around with the miners who were on strike… But somehow, it actually worked? I can’t explain… So you’ll have to go and see for yourselves!

The part I didn’t like were lots of kids, swearing. I know it was set the 80s and I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to swearing (I don’t swear all that often anymore…), but something wasn’t right when the 5 year old kid (who appeared on and off the stage at random intervals) was shaking his 2 fingers about at other peoples. I just didn’t feel it – and was wondering what his mother was thinking!! Hahaha, I’m such a prude.

The Billy Elliot film has lots of T-Rex songs in it, and I was expecting the show to be lightly dusted with their hits, but I was… I wouldn’t say disappointed, but I really wanted to hear some awesome guitar rifts! Billy Elliot The Musical was in fact a musical!

There are extremely funny bits, which has made me want to watch the film again to see if it was even funnier in the film. I had completely forgotten about his cross-dressing mate, which was depicted with tap dancing around 7ft tall ‘granny’ dresses. Well, what else would you expect?

I did enjoy the food, show and company – it’s something I probably wouldn’t see again, but it has made me want to watch the film again. It’s also made me realise how good it is to go up to London during the wintery months and see a show; we used to go up there every Christmas with the whooooole Franno family, and I’d like to start doing it again.


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