Weight Loss and Being Sensible

With nearly a stone fallen off me in 2011, I have decided that I’m going to be completely sensible about weight loss from now on and I am changing old habits for the better ones. This morning, I actually made my lunch before going to work, thus destroying any bad decision making that I might have (and not buttering my sandwiches – go me!). This also means I’m somehow magically saving money as Jay and I are terrible at eating what we have at home and often end up throwing all the food in our fridge away in our food waste caddy (provided by our Council!). Today, I have used low-fat cheese, some wafer thin honey roasted ham, 4 slices of ‘little loaf’ bread (2 slices is the same as 1 normal slice!), a banana and a WW caramel wafer, summing up to a tidy 11 points out of my31 per day. After my Special K cereal with skimmed milk, I have 14 points left for the rest of today. Good, eh?

With my New Years Resolution of ‘don’t drink so much’ firmly engrained in my mind, I don’t have any plans to go to the pub this week or next week, actually. I have engrossed myself in work so that I don’t get bored and want a chocolate bar or CHIPS (I miss chips…). Next week, I’m actually thinking of stopping bread and pasta for a little while to see what happens. I have never done a ‘low carb’ thing before, so I imagine I will be grumpy (er) for a week or so until my diet goes ‘back to normal’ (or with carbs).

After I get paid (the end of this week, fingers crossed!), I am going back to Zumba classes as the instructor now offers loyalty cards and runs classes four times a week for an hour a time. Ozzy’s fine to stay at home on his own for an hour and it’s so close to home, it’d be silly to not go because of the dog! And I am planning on swimming before/after shifts at my new job at the sports centre and as soon as I get into a routine, I think it’ll be easy to keep up.

My aim for the end of January? To have lost a couple of lbs – actually, to have lost what I put on over Christmas, so 3lbs. This aim isn’t a massive one, as I do have lots of things planned for this month (brother’s birthday, blogging events, working a whole bunch of weekends, and working at all the different pools we run from!!), but I hope that it will kick-start into the right direction – and hopefully, it’ll be more anyway!

I’m feeling 2012 will be my year when it comes to weight loss. After all, there’s only another 2 stone left to lose and 12 months to do it in. Hopefully, I’ll love my body again without those 2 extra stones I’ve been lugging about!

How’s your January diet going?


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