AWOL – and I don’t even get to blame Christmas!

Hey sports fans!

I am just writing a quick blog to apologise for the lack of good reading over here recently. I have been completely snowed under at work, running shops at all 7 of our pools across the county – literally – and today, we had someone from Head Office come down and help us set some targets. Just oh my! Targets are not full of fun. Because they sound like they are. Naht!

Also, as if that’s not enough, I officially start my part time jobs tomorrow and Sunday (not to mention, some overtime I’m doing for my full time job on Saturday and Sunday morning – argh!) and I am barely seeing Jay because of this whole ordeal! 😦 I promise I’ll get back into it soon – I have loads of stuffs in my drafts tab that I just have to finish up and it will be with you for your reading pleasure. But for now, I have to really concentrate on work and show them what I am made of. Which is obviously a whole heap of awesomeness. Obviously.

I think I need my own theme tune.

I haven’t even had time to weigh myself – lame excuse? – so I’ll be (hopefully) doing that this evening at my Mum’s for a weight loss themed post tomorrow. Rushy rushy, stressy stressy!

I hope your January hasn’t been too stressful! Back soon! Promises! x

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