WLB: January 2012, Week 3

So here we are. Week 3 of the new year. Wowzers, where has all this time gone? I honestly can say I’m not expecting a good result this week. I have been running around like a maniac, eating whatever I can when I can and not drinking enough water. Also, with the stress of Dad’s birthday (well, not stress… Just sadness, I guess), I have been focused on other things this past week.

Because I didn’t get a chance to weigh myself last week, I weighed myself this Monday and I lost 1.8lbs. Yay! Losing! Awesome! And then, to get back on track, I thought I’d weigh myself tonight and get back into the swing of things. I lost another 0.4lbs since Monday. Hooray.

There are so many things I have to change for this week to get back on track. Firstly, as I’m nearly settled in all the new things in my 2012 life, I am rebooting my exercise regime. Walking Ozzy for half an hour each day isn’t cutting it – especially when he stops and sniffs at absolutely everything, so it’s not a continuous work out! And there are two things I’m changing for exercise.

  1. Starting from tomorrow, I am restarting Zumba! It’s the exercise class that I love in my life and I think usually that’s half the battle with exercise. As long as it’s something you enjoy, you probably should keep doing it. And I’m planning on doing it on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings (when I’m not working).
  2. At the fitness centre I work at on Sundays, I’m going to go through all the exercise classes and, if they have space and if I can do them, I’m going to book myself on them. I mean, I’m getting those classes for free. It’d be silly not to take advantage. And that’s something I’m going to do when I’m at work every Sunday; take 5 minutes to look through classes and book myself on. I might find something else I enjoy and want to stick at. Also, I’m thinking of swimming after my swimming teaching hour on Friday nights, but at the moment, Jay and I are using Friday nights as our date night, so we actually get to spend some time together without Ozzy, which is actually really awesome. We had our first one last week and I am actually really looking forward to our one this Friday. It works well when I’m working at both jobs on the weekend – this weekend is my last weekend of that for a while – thank GOD!

Secondly, I need to drink more water again. I noticed a real difference when I started doing that at the end of last year, so I’m just going to have to buy a load and make sure I bring one to work everyday. I know bottled water is expensive, but if it makes me do it then I’m not too worried. Speak to me about water prices in a few months’ time!

It’s not much of an excuse, but because I have been in and out of the office so much and super busy, I have not made my lunch for work everyday as planned in previous post 😦 So I have been eating stupid convenience foods from petrol stations and rubbish places. I’m going to restart this after my grocery shop at the weekend. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

Overall, I think I’m on target to lose all my weight before a) my holiday; b) my birthday; c) my second holiday and d) all the weddings I’m attending this year. I’m just hoping all the above changes work to my advantage. Well, they should, shouldn’t they? It’s not as if my changes are visit McDonalds 5 times a day.

How is everyone else doing with their weight loss?


2 thoughts on “WLB: January 2012, Week 3

  1. Go Franno! Love reading about how you are doing. I just bought Zimba II for the Wii. Loads better than the first (meaning the game is better, I’m still rubbish at it and look like a total dork when I play), and it’s nice for those nights you just can’t drag yourself back out of the house.

    About the water – those bottles with the built in filter are the shiz. Get one of those, keep refilling it and save yourself some coin on the bottled water.

    1. I got the first Zumba game, with the intention of playing every single day… But I didn’t. Haha. I’m going to get back into it – some exercise is better than none exercise.

      I shall have to look into the filtered bottles! Sounds like an amazing idea and, as long as I keep drinking more water, it’s a step in the right direction. 🙂 x

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