H&M Online and New Look Online HAUL!

So, seeing as I don’t have time to do any real life shopping, I abused my debit card online. I still had money left over from Christmas, so thought, what the hey and logged onto my new favourite high street shop’s website, H&M. Because I am losing weight (hopefully another 2 stone will fall off me from somewhere!), I’m into the cheap and cheerful items that will go with anything, rather than spending £50 on a t-shirt and for it to not fit me next month.

I am going on holiday in April, but I’m still feeling like it’s a little too early for me to go bikini shopping or find the right look for the sun when I am about the size of a whale, so I decided to invest in some items that may not look too bad on me when I am skinnier. Good thinking, eh? I also fancied injecting a little bit of colour into my wardrobe, away from the boring black, grey and white that I usually fashion (and as I look down at myself, can see that I am sporting these colours today…).

Despatch date isn’t until 13th-17th February (it would’ve been earlier if I didn’t tick ‘deliver everything together’), but I can wait that long for a bigger package full of stuff to try on and I know I’ll be impressed with the products when they arrive, so here’s what I’m waiting for 🙂

I’m sorry, but anything I can buy under £10 is a winner for me, so I was super chuffed with my bargain £6.50 cardigan. I think the colour is lovely and will do if I fancy a ‘not-so-drastic’ change to my dark wardrobe.

I needed some black trousers for my part time job, so there’s not much to say about that…

Another cardigan in beige for the springier months 🙂

And probably the most drastic colour on that whole pending orders sheet is this amazing pink dress! Hot pink and awesome for the summer! I saw it in the H&M catalogue (yes, I got the catalogue as well…) and I fell in love instantly 🙂 I think this would be a good holiday dress and that was my not-focusing-for-now slip up.

The last 3 dresses are all for work and casual type functions. Again, not much to write home about 🙂

I ordered all that stuff last week… And today, I fancied cheering myself up a little bit, so I logged onto the New Look website to have a browse around. To be honest, I do go the New Look down our high street (it’s the only high street shop there!) and I love their prints, but I’ve never been brave enough to try them before. I thought I’d get 4 little printy pieces and see how I got on. There’s no harm in sending something back, is there? 🙂

The first one I stumbled upon was a basic black with little bits of pattern dress. I’m trying to be brave but not massively brave! It’s a start anyways.

The second was a little more patterny with it’s white flowers all over it. Go me!

Is it wrong that I really want a playsuit?! Probably, as my legs are about a size 14 and I’ve ordered a 12… But I’m thinking of V festival and I’m hoping to be like a rake by then… Hahaha. Bring on August!

Lastly, just a standard pink butterfly top. Covers the bum and just looks really girly 🙂

I can’t wait for all of these to arrive!! It’s like Christmas all over again!! Anyone else just splurged on themselves recently?? Why the hell not!!


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