What I’m Wearing…

No, this isn’t a kinky post, but it is one I’ve never done before. I’m actually really chuffed with what I’m wearing today. I was in a bit of a rush, you see – Ozzy kept running up the stairs to come and see me, thus destroying my 15 extra minutes in bed and then Jay had to go and get ready for work! Chaos! – and I actually forgot to do any laundry, so I was a bit stuck with what to wear, so a quick rummage through all my clean clothes and I came up with this awesome combination.

For those of you who don’t know me in real life, I am a scruff bag. Well, not always. But most of the time, I can never figure out what really works for my drastic pear shape (size 10/12 on top, size 14/16 on bottom), so I do resort to my stretchy leggings and some sort of shortish dress/longish top on top.

So here’s what I’m wearing.

My trusty black leggings from Top Shop (of course!), a strapless and flowery dress from Lipsy, a white vesty top from Republic (because, really, who wears a strapless dress in the depths of winter?!), and a grey cardigan from H&M (surprisingly, I didn’t buy it and I think it might be accidentally stolen from someone I used to live with at uni…). On my feet are some white River Island pumps that I bought (what seems like) an age ago, but didn’t walk around in because they hurt my feet too much, but I am getting used to them 🙂 Accessories are just my white Swatch watch, my necklace is from good ol’ eBay, my Chamila charm bracelet and some fawn dog hair on my leggings (bloody dog won’t sleep on the floor…). On my face, I have nothing but some black Body Shop liquid liner and my new Rimmel Day2Night mascara, which I bought the other day 🙂 To be honest, I could’ve made more of an effort on the make up side today, but I ran out of tiiiiime 😦 but generally,

I’m feeling good about how I look today. I couldn’t tell you how much any of this stuff was, as it was bought ages ago, so sorry if you were interested in repurchasing all my shizzle! And for those of you who aren’t bombarded by pictures of Ozzy on my Facebook, here he is, playing with his buddy on my lap 🙂


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