WLB 2012: Week 4

Before Weigh In:

This week is week 4 of WLB and I’m hoping I’ve done really well. Sometimes you just don’t know how you’ve got on until you nervously step onto the scales and see for yourself.

I haven’t eaten too badly this week; well, other than the Fish and Chips on Friday, which Jay and I shared, because we’d both had a really rubbish week and didn’t want to cook. But, because I have been really busy, I’ve found it quite difficult to stop and find time to eat. Particularly when the shops around near where I work don’t allow for dogs and I don’t trust leaving Ozzy in the office on his own! My packed lunches to work have kind of stopped, because I really haven’t had time to food shop! This weekend, I’m not working so I’ll be able to shop then! I haven’t really been drinking much (not that I ever did in the first place – that makes me sound like a right alcoholic!) apart from at a family friend’s 50th on Saturday.

Exercise has started and I’ve been to Zumba twice and Pilates once. I used to do Pilates when I was at university and used to really enjoy it, so I thought I’d give it another go. It’s not the most strenuous of classes, but I get it for free on Mondays, so why not?! Zumba is completely and utterly awesome again, as it was before. I now have a loyalty card, so I’m entitled to a free session when I’ve been so many times. Hooray! Savings! I will be Zumba-ing on Thursday and Saturday this week, so really stepping up my exercise from before. I have been trying to find a personal trainer, but they all seem to be booked out for the January ‘let’s get fit‘ phase. I’m going to arrange a gym induction for the fitness centre I work at as well, so I’ll be able to pop into the gym before or after work when I can’t commit to any of my classes.

This week, I don’t have much planned, so I am guaranteed some sort of weight loss next week, if I don’t lose this week. I hope I do though. I want to lose 2lbs this week and I’ll be back to my first stone.

After Weigh In:

I actually lost another 2lbs this week, so I’ve lost a whole stone since joining Weight Watchers!! I am really chuffed with myself, although it has taken me a year… It has spurred me on to do my next stone a lot quicker, which I’m sure is possible if I take my weight loss a whole bunch more seriously than last year, which I generally am doing! Hooray!!

Obstacles for this week:

  1. #ZOMGbloggersbash – my first ever blogging event!! I am so excited!! I’m just going to avoid any food and drink that’ll be there on the night and keep talking to people to take my mind off! Haha.
  2. No work at the weekend = boredom eating. I think Jay and I should probably arrange to do something this weekend to stop us from sitting there, eating chocolate and slobbing out. I have asked if he wants to go to Ikea, so that’s something we’re going to do, to sort out our home a little better. We might take Ozzy for a massive long walk as well, to kill some time and burn some calories.

Other than that, I’ll be sticking to eating well and Zumba-ing 3 times a week and Pilates once a week. Fingers crossed I’ll still be on a roll next week with all this weight pouring off of me and I’ll be another stone lighter in no time 🙂

If you’re losing weight this year, how did you do this week?


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