Before event πŸ™‚

So, you may have noticed my tweets getting a little more excitable recently. That’s because I was lucky enough to be invited to #ZOMGbloggersbash in London. This was a celebration of the collaboration of The London Lipgloss (Zoe, everyone’s favourite blogger!) and Rockalily lipsticks (who I have completely and utterly raved about, since buying one), who have made a brand new shade of lipstick called ‘ZOMG!’ – and a chance for members of the blogging community to meet up. I have pre-ordered the lippy and I’ll probably give it a bit of a review when I pick it up this evening. I was completely stunned to be invited; although I have been blogging for a while, I don’t think my name is ‘out there’ in the blogging community (yet) and there are so many big blogging names attending this evening that it’s kind of daunting! But nevertheless, it’s always nice to meet people that you have something in common with, isn’t it? And I’m sure everyone will be lovely. This is my first ever blogging event, so I’m a bit nervous about it, but we’ll see how it goes.

On Sunday, I tweeted for anyone who was coming to the event from Essex to share a cab with me from Fenchurch Street or Liverpool Street, as I’m going on my lonesome and, luckily, I had a response from @louiseeeeeeee and her sister, @deadblackrose who said they were meeting at Liverpool Street at 6.15pm and that I can tag along with them – hooray! This was followed by many ‘I don’t know what to weaaaaaar’ tweets back and forth.

And I still haven’t decided what to wear! I’m thinking some sort of dress and leggings combination – and a jumper, jacket and coat thing as well, seeing as it’s due to snow at any minute. On my feet, I have no idea what to go with. Uggs are the warmer, more comfier option, but my Uggs look so distressed from Ozzy running around with one in his mouth, I don’t think it’ll make a good impression! Ha. So, I’m thinking definitely the boots I got for Christmas!

There are going to be so many ladies there with perfect make up, that I’m a bit nervous what to do with my face. I’ll probably go for the Christmas MAC make up I got from my brother on my face, with some catliner on my eyes and maybe a bright lipstick? It all kinda depends on what I’m wearing though, so I’m going to have to wait and see when I get home!

Ozzy is being a royal pain in the arse today, so I can’t actually wait until I get to the event this evening. Many hours left to go today…

After event πŸ™‚

Although getting to the venue was a comedy of errors (firstly, by thinking I could get ready quickly with a puppy running around my feet, pulling at my socks and secondly, with a cancelled train so I missed my meet up with the other Essex bloggers), I had a really lovely time at #ZOMGbloggersbash. I was amazed by the sheer amount of girls who showed up, considering there must’ve been at least 200 and I was reading tweets of apologies that others were sick and couldn’t make it! There could’ve been thousands!

I wore some leggings, my Russell and Bromley brown boots, a Top Shop white tunicy top and an All Saints grey cardigan. And my massive winter coat.

I arrived at the venue and it seemed quite quiet, so sat next to the TheLondonLipgloss’ sister, Lauren, who has recently started her own beauty blog (MissLaurenLoves) and their Mum, Debby – both of which adopted me for the evening so thank you for putting up with me! It was lovely chatting to them and I had a chance to speak to other bloggers who they were introduced to every so often, which I didn’t mind πŸ™‚ I met “the infamous Del”, who is Zoe’s other half and he seemed lovely too, seeing as it must’ve been quite daunting being one of the only blokes there!

I didn’t see many bloggers I follow, unfortunately; I suppose because there were lots of people there, it was hard to focus on any one face in a group of people. But I got to meet Lisa (BrunetteBeautyBanter), who I have been following for quite a while (and tweeting her about our love of muffins…) and she was lovely, especially for travelling down from Bakewell for one night only! I met some new bloggers who I might never have stumbled upon before and I’m going to give their ‘work’ a good browse tomorrow.

ReeRee Rockette of Rockalily had done an amazing job by introducing “bloggers bingo”, where we each had to fill in a box about someone we hadn’t met before. So, for example, if the box said “someone who broadcasts on YouTube”, you had to find a person who did and put their name in the box. It was a great icebreaker for people who were there on their own (like me!) but Lauren, Debby and I decided to work as a team. All entries were put in a raffle and we won a necklace, which both of them said I could have, as it was my sheet! It would’ve been nice if we’d won the Illamasqua gift bag so we could’ve split it… Haha.

Here’s a picture of the necklace, chosen and worn by ReeRee, herself (Ozzy got the box this morning after jumping on our coffee table, so it’s not in prestine condition any more 😦 but the necklace is unharmed!). I really love it, although I do admit it’s not something I’d usually wear; but I’m getting into my statement pieces at the moment, so I’m going to try it with a whole heap of looks and see how we get on. Thanks, Debby and Lauren who let me keep it. I still can’t believe we won out of all those people…!

Just realised I took that picture next to my Dog Training book and Ikea catalogue… Ha!

There were loads of stuff to do at the event, from decorating your own cupcake to making Valentine’s cards, from trying on wigs to getting vintage hair done! I really wish I’d have taken some photos, but honestly, it was more about the talking and networking to other bloggers! And then, ReeRee introduced the Burlesque dancers! Wow! I had never seen Burlesque before and it was really amazing stuff! Jay would’ve defo appreciated it – ha!

And the real reason why we were there? This lippy. ZOMG! A lovely dark pink, which is a great statement lip for neutral eyes or the occasional dramatic look, with a fabulous non-drying formula that stays put for ages. Inspired by The London Lipgloss and made by Rockalily London, the product has proven a fine collaboration. Girls, you gotsta make another one!

My goodness, I am pale today… Go, buy ZOMG! limited edition lipstick from Rockalily.com for Β£14. QUICKLY!

I’m happy I took the plunge and went to this event on my own. It was awesome to meet some lovely people who have something in common with what I love doing, and I’m looking forward to the next event I’m going to, on 11th February.


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