Superdrug Haul

I love going to Superdrug or Boots. Just the wide range of things you can get in there, from cough medicine to hair dye to lip gloss, makes me extremely happy. Which is probably why I go off the edge and end up buying half the shop every time. I apologise for my photo quality; it’s night time blogging and, as it’s snowing, I’m tucked up and cosy in bed to finish this off. You’ll get the gist of what I’ve bought anyways 🙂

I popped in to get some new eyeliner and a couple of nail varnishes. I wanted to try to replicate the tuxedo nails, as seen at the Golden Globe awards a couple of weeks ago for a 50th birthday I attended on the Saturday after, but surprisingly I didn’t have a black or white varnish in my collection. My eyeliner is usually bought from The Body Shop, but the applicator is starting to bug me, so I wanted to find a new one, where the applicator does not get all covered in fluff (how?!).

I knew which eyeliner I wanted and it was one that I have seen in many a YouTube video and blog; the L’Oreal Superliner in Carbon Gloss. It looks like a pen, instead of a quill and ink that The Body Shop one resembles, so I’m hoping I’ll get on better with this one (and it’ll continue to be fluff free). I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet, as my current eyeliner has actually decided that it’s actually not running out and I’m still using it. I don’t like having 2 of the same thing open – I would rather just keep the L’Oreal as a spare when my Body Shop runs out!

I couldn’t walk past the mascara sale stand and not buy a mascara… So I invested in a semi-2 for 1 approach, with Rimmel’s new Day 2 Night mascara (review on this soon!). And then, off I trotted to my nail varnish favourite, Barry M.

So many colours. I picked up the black and the white and immediately put them into my basket (yes, I had picked up a basket at this point – I wasn’t even fooling myself after the mascara impulse buy). My eyes then diverted to all of the glittery nail varnishes they had available. I’m not really a glittery nail varnish person, but something inside had changed and I was like a fly to one of those electric fly trap thingys that buzz them to death (what are they called?!?) and I had imagined my tuxedo nails, each with a different glittery bow tie, so I picked up Red Glitter, (150), Blue Glitter (297) and Pink Iridescent (264). I also got my hands on their foil effect nail varnish in silver (319), which I have been after for absolutely ages and will probably be sporting next week.

I am becoming a massive nail varnish fiend. I love how it can make an outfit a whole lot more interesting and instantly transforms my confidence from un-painted nails. I felt like such a scruff bag when I went to #ZOMGbloggersbash and had badly chipped nails!! I think my Superdrug/drugstore buying has been filled for the next few weeks (or until I need new cleanser or moisturiser or something equally as boring) and so what of my tuxedo nails? Here’s my attempt:

VERY gloopy and left me feeling really annoyed that I couldn’t do it when it looked so simple… So instead, I sported black nails with my ring fingers with Blue Glitter. Black nails are seemingly always on trend, but I fancied something a bit more exciting than just black and went for my sparkly blue number on an accent nail. I am actually quite impressed with the quality of nail varnish; 2 coats and both colours are opaque 🙂

Looks like my ‘don’t splurge so much’ resolution is not working so far… There’s always next month. Have you tried the tuxedo look and were you more successful than me?

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