Yes, it’s that inevitable post where I start talking about all things cash-related. I’ve not been too bad with my budgeting recently and have controlled my spending somewhat. That and with my new part time job, I am earning more than I was last year (hooray!) so if I want to buy a round of drinks in the pub, I don’t feel like I can’t buy any food the next day to counteract it. Although I only got paid for half a month as I started working half a month into the payroll, it’s still better than nothing and I am looking forward to earning more than that every month.

This month was all about cutting down my direct debits. I have consolidated my accounts (savings, ISA, 2 current accounts and everything else!) into one current account for now, just to see what I can actually pay off. The massive pay off this month was my car – I have been paying instalments to Mum every month since she bought it on my behalf and I decided that I needed that extra however much it was per month. That’s what savings are meant for, right? I have also decided to pay off my credit card bill with my savings so I don’t have that hanging over my head every single bloody month! More monthly moneys for Franno!

January has been an expensive month for 21st birthdays of 2 close family members and other bits and pieces. And I feel I have had to tighten my belt a bit. Just a bit though. I have gone out and enjoyed myself, but not at a crazy expense. My biggest expense of last month was most definitely petrol for work, but I get that back at 20p a mile with my pay, so I’m hoping for a very healthy pay cheque for mid-February for both my petrol and my overtime.

So my expenses for the next month or so are basic ones. Food, petrol, bills and pet food. The end of March sees my car tax and beginning of April is the renewal of my car insurance, who I am thinking of changing anyway. Honestly, they don’t even use Autoglass, so I had to pay out £65 when my windscreen had a chip! And then, they charged me an extra £35 for the privilege of changing my address! I think I’m getting ripped off, so onto the comparison website I go… April will also see my phone upgrade time! I love phone upgrade time! I can change my current tariff to a cheaper one, receive a new handset and sell the old one to a mobile phone recycling site. I’m sure other people do this too, but I love the fact that you feel like you’re saving so much and earning something extra for recycling your phone. It’s freakin’ awesome.

I have not been splurging on clothes or make up so much recently because I spent all my Christmas moneys on that anyway so I’ve not needed anything different. Plus, I’m still losing weight and so quite reluctant to buy anything that won’t fit me in a couple of months. I’m sporting some really baggy leggings at the moment, but I don’t want to buy some new ones just in case.

I’m quite proud of myself for not buying stupid amounts of stuff. If this was me this time last year, I would’ve bought tonnes of stuff from all the high street shops, but I am showing some restraint – and it’s probably because I’m working all the time that I don’t get any time to browse around. I hope I can keep this up for at least another 6 months – then, maybe Jay and I will be able to go on a much deserved holiday! I am thinking of doing my £70 a week budget as I attempted last year, just to try that little bit harder… Maybe we’ll give that a go again 🙂

How’s your after New Year spending going? Have you had to tighten your belt?


4 thoughts on “Budgeting.

  1. its funny you posted this today.I was writing my budget down this morning on the train. i spent way too much in December & January and i need to get back on the savings bandwagon asap.I’m cutting all extra ‘luxuries’ out too, and hope by April i will be back on the good track! best of luck to both of us! x 🙂

    1. The other weekend at work, I was writing down my budget, my ingoings and outgoings in a cash flow diagram! It’s a common theme here when I can’t write a post about new clothes/make up or any other luxury I might have!

      Good luck with your budget – I hope you’ll be able to spend a little more before April (if we’re both good enough… 🙂 ) Let me know if you have any other tips that help you out when you want to splurge! x

      1. thank you!
        i realise i spend a lot of money at the supermarket just buying random things and i go like 2-3 times a week as its really close to my house. So i decided to meal plan and only go once a week, and once to the fruit n veg market..thats my first tip! i hate budgets, i want to be rich!!!
        best of luck!

      2. Haha, mine’s not for going food shopping… It’s just everything else 🙂 I’m sure we’ll get there! Do keep me updated with how you’re getting on 🙂 x

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