Rambling Post

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’m tucked in bed. Jay is out at the o2 arena to watch the Super Bowl all night – yawn! – so it’s just Ozzy and I tonight, watching chick flicks and chilling out. I’ll probably schedule this to be published tomorrow morning, as I’ve just published another and I don’t want to crowd all your feeds or inboxes! Ha.

I fancied a bit of a ramble this evening. I miss Jay when he’s gone 😦 It’s not as if we would’ve done anything exciting this evening – who does on a Sunday evening, really?! – but I do miss his company and chilling on the sofa. Not when we’re watching Top Gear. I hate Top Gear.

So what’s new with me? Well, last week was a terrible week at work, in that I wasn’t in at all due to being sick after being out in London for the Bloggers Bash on Monday. I hate being ill; it’s the worst feeling in the world and I had to go and see the doctor to try and solve this particular problem. I’m better now (after the painkillers!), but it’s likely to come back every so often until I figure out what it is. Vague enough for you? As a result, I didn’t weigh myself this week, but I’m hoping for a good result next week. Does being ill make you lose weight? It’s most definitely made me more tired and I have actually been napping during the day, which sounds a lot more like student me than current me.

On Saturday during the day, I did boring household stuff, like going to Ikea to try and buy some breakfast bar stools (which were out of stock) and then headed to Tesco’s for some food for the weekend and puppy food. Boring day, really. Last night, we went out to celebrate my brother’s and my cousin’s 21st’s and we all got a little bit too drunk. It was lovely to spend time with my family – who are all completely awesome, by the way – and now we’re all old enough to drink, it makes it a whole lot funnier. Then, it snowed. Thank God I live so close to the pub, because I don’t think my heels would’ve coped if we lived much further. It was weird because it didn’t look like it was going to settle, but we woke up this morning and there’s about 7 inches of snow in the garden. I want it to snow some more, but I doubt it will, even if my Mum keeps telling me it’s going to.

Ozzy loves the snow. I took this lovely picture of him, when he wanted to come back inside after running around like a loon for an hour and a half. When he’s done, he sprints in and jumps up on the sofa, because he feels so cold on his little paws!

I was exceedingly rubbish today and spent all day in the Hangover Chair, sleeping and feeling sorry for myself and my dehydration headache. Ozzy must’ve known I was feeling crap because he spent most of the day, laying on me and sleeping too after wearing himself out in the garden. I hate that I didn’t get to enjoy the snow that much today and that’s mainly why I want it to snow some more, so I can have a cheeky snow day and spend it making snow angels and having snow ball fights. So not the grown up attitude, but I know you’re all thinking the same!

So that’s life at the moment. Nice and boring, eh? I have an ‘informal meeting’ about my performance at work tomorrow, which I’m surprisingly nervous about. I have been trying to do my job really well to try and reach our target for our next term, but I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere near it, even with my leafleting plan for every week. Fingers crossed it won’t be too negative.

The office landlord has told me I can’t bring Ozzy into work anymore, which is a bit gutting but I completely understand. Jay has tomorrow off with him and Mum said that she doesn’t mind looking after him whilst I’m at work. It’s just a bit sucky for him to be passed around, but he loves people so I’m sure he won’t really care that he’s not spending 8 hours in the boring office with just me.

My Zumba classes were on hold last week because of my being sick and I actually feel really guilty for missing out. That’ll be the factor that affects my weight loss this week, I think. Because I have just been sitting on a sofa, under a blanket for 4 days and not been very active. I’m jumping straight back into it tomorrow and I’ll be at my Pilates class tomorrow night.

This week is a pretty normal week. Back to work (both full time and part time) and I have Wednesday off as holiday. On Thursday, I have to take Ozzy to the vets for his Advocate thing, to keep fleas at bay! On Saturday, I’m going to my second bloggers’ event, The Only Way Is Blogging in London, so that’s another thing to be excited about.

I really miss Jay tonight; this week, we didn’t get to have our Friday date night so I feel like I’ve not seen him much. We’re going to change the day because Fridays are being rubbish for both of us, with my teaching until late. It means that I might have to give up one of my exercise classes, but spending time with Jay is a lot more important 🙂

It’s been good to catch up with my blog and let you all know what’s going on in my little world. I hope everything is good with you – I can’t believe it’s February already and next week is Valentine’s Day! This year is flying by already!


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