WLB Week 6

Oh. Hai guys. It must be Wednesday for this post to come online. Nearly the weekend! Woo!

For those of you who are new to my blog (and me!), WLB stands for Weight Loss Buddy as no one likes to lose weight alone and sometimes we need the support of others to help us get over the fact that we ate a chocolate bar, which isn’t part of the diet, but you fancied it anyway and now you feel worse for eating it. I had a friend who was a real life weight loss buddy but unfortunately, we have fallen out so I’m going it alone (well, with my Mum, who has shrank down to a size 6 or 8!) and we are on the Weight Watchers programme and have been since January 2011. Please let me know how you’re getting on with your weight loss journey so far this year – it’s always good to share tips and tricks to lose those extra poundage.

Before Weigh In

Last week, I was sick and so I’m actually not expecting much from my weight loss this week. If I lose 1lb, I’d be happy. But we’ll see how we get on. I didn’t eat particularly well, because I was all like, STOOOODGE to make me feel better… But we’ll see how we’re going. I thought I’d post you my WW graph that I have online because I love visual aids. I posted it a small age ago in one of these posts, but I haven’t posted it since.

It’s a very wobbly line, due to my not taking the weight loss very seriously last year. I’ve even been super brave and left all the numbers on there so you can see how much I’ve lost and how much I currently weigh. Yikes. I must like you guys a little bit… And so my average weekly weight loss is 0.3lbs!? That’s not very good, is it?! Although there are ‘peaks’ in my wobbly line, the general direction is down, so I’m hoping that it’ll keep going this way for my holiday (in 60 days time… eek!!) and my birthday party and beyond! It would be completely and utterly awesome to be 2 stones less than I am now by the time I go away, but I don’t like putting stupid amounts of pressure on myself. I know it’s doable, but because I know it’s doable, I don’t think I’ll try much. Does that even make sense?! But look how far away that purple line is from where we are now 😦 I’m going to have to work hard if I want to pull this off!

After Weigh In

Well, there we have it. Another week, another weigh in. And I lost 2lbs!! I wasn’t expecting much, so I’m hoping I’ll do better for next week anyway. Back to Pilates/Zumbas and eating better this week! My weight loss goal for next week is to lost 3lbs, which I think is achievable if I stick to my diet plan properly.

Obstacles for this week:

  1. The Only Way Is Blogging event in London on Saturday. My second event 🙂 Again, I’ll just have to behave myself. I’m not going to go out drinking (particularly after the mess I was last week!) so it’ll just be a case of controlling my food!
  2. Working all day on Sunday. Yep. That’s right. Another full day’s work on Sunday at both jobs, so I’ll have to ensure that I pack myself a lunch so that I don’t get persuaded to pick up a McDonalds or something equally as bad on my drives from one to the other.

Things to change for this week:

  1. Back to exercise classes after my week off sick.
  2. More water consumption.
  3. Use my ProPoints tracker. Properly.
  4. Less fatty foods, like cheese and chocolate.

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