Franno’s World and My Week in Instagrams

I thought I’d start a new corner on my bloggage, entitled ‘Franno’s World’. This is basically all the bits about my life that I ramble on about each week, but it has never really had it’s own section and I thought I should probably make one as some people might be interested in what I get up to during the week and others might only come on here for WLB or whatever. So Franno’s World will be kicking off every Monday, with a ‘what I got up to’ post. I’m kind of using this as a bit of therapy to get out what I want to get out, to ramble if something’s bugging me. Just to be there to vent, I guess.

I have also decided to restart my ‘My Week in Pictures’ post, but to make it more interesting, I’ve decided to do ‘My Week in Instagrams’. For those of you who haven’t heard of Instagram, it’s an app for iPhone, which enables you to use filters on your pics, to make them look even more awesome. I loved the app when I first got it and then I kind of forgot about it… But my love of it has rekindled and this, not only encourages me to take more photos, but to edit them and make them more beautiful 🙂 This will also be published every Monday for your viewing pleasure.

For now, I am going to do a joint post with both aspects of my world and my Instagrams. Just because I’m feeling lazy today. Firstly, I’m going to show you my pictures from the last week because, let’s face it, not everyone wants to read about my life, but everyone loves to look at pictures! Although I’ve not been up to much and thus, haven’t taken many pictures, I have taken a few that I’ve instagramed and would like to share with you 🙂

20120210-154459.jpgThe first pic is Ozzy and I napping on the sofa. I have been absolutely exhausted (again, I am blaming my being sick!) and during the week, I have got up for Ozzy, sat on the sofa under a blanket and we’ve both napped for an extra hour and a half. I do love this picture (even with the lack of make up…). I’ve got to get a canvas of Ozzy made up soon to go with our other canvases of our dogs. I’m a bit unsure which pic to use at the moment, and I don’t think it should be this one!!
20120210-154507.jpgNext is how I looked when I went shopping this week. I’m wearing my new ZOMG! lipstick (have you not bought your’s yet? Have a read on what I thought) and I actually quite like how I look in this picture. I never usually like how I look, which is a rarity for me!! I’m also sporting Beauty blush by BareMinerals (with BareMinerals foundation), my black Body Shop eyeliner and Rimmel Day2Night mascara with the Day applicator 🙂


Here is Dave the Kitchen. He’s called Dave the Kitchen because he sells kitchens. You might be thinking, he looks like a nice guy, Franno, but why did you take a picture of him on your phone?! I took a sneaky picture of him in the pub on Wednesday night, because I was in the pub and texting Marie and Marie couldn’t remember who he was. This is him. It’s not even a clear picture, is it?! God’s sake!! And the guy to the right? That’s Murdock. I mentioned him before, I randomly take photos of him too when I’m drunk.


On Thursday evening, we had a light dusting of snow and here’s our garage roof looking really pretty in the snow. I love the pattern and it’s just aesthetically pleasing. Haha.

I do have a few more pictures to put up here, but I have no idea where my iPhone cable is and I’ve been updating this daily to ensure everything’s on there. I’ll just include them all next week 🙂

Now onto what’s been happening with me. If you’re not interested, you can close your browser now! This week has been a bit of a weird and down week in the world of Franno. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve been feeling a bit down all week. I’d love to blame the snow as everyone blames the snow for everything, but I can’t figure it out. It might be a continuation from my being sick last week, so I’m trying not to dwell on it too much and trying to keep pretty positive. But it’s not helped that this week has also been pretty sucky.

From my last ramblings post, you would’ve read that Ozzy isn’t allowed to come to work with me anymore and I have missed his presence when I’m in the office on my own (saddo). I have felt incredibly guilty in that my Mum has been kind enough to take Ozzy during the day and look after him whilst I’m not able to, which is hard work when she’s got two uncontrollable boxer dogs as well. Just bleurgh.

On Thursday, I read the news on Facebook that an ex-work colleague had passed away; on Friday, I later discovered that it was in the news. I wasn’t sure what I felt about this, really. I used to work with her quite frequently in swimming lessons when I worked in Plymouth, but I didn’t know her at all too well. I suppose you get a guilty feeling that you didn’t know someone as best as you could have done but my brain is conflicting and reminding me that you can’t get to know everybody you ever meet really, really well. I feel down about it all the same; she was younger than me and it’s all too vague what has happened to her as the details haven’t been divulged on Facebook (and rightly so). She was an intelligent, beautiful, kind and friendly woman, who will be missed by a lot of people and I’m thinking a lot about her friends and family this week.

On Wednesday, I had the day off and went shopping with Marie, which was really lovely. It was good to catch up and eat lunch and shop (haul post coming soon!). On Friday night, I worked and Jay was out, so I stayed in on my own. Boring. On Saturday, Jay promised he’d look after the dog so I could have a lie in. However, Ozzy is sooo sneaky and managed to outwit him and come and nap with me instead. During the day, we didn’t do much and enjoyed just hanging out at home. And on Sunday, back to work and we went to the cinema to watch ‘The Woman In Black’ (review to follow soon, but oh my goodness, did I crap my pants!).
The highlight of my week is shopping on Wednesday alongside my 2lb weight loss. I’m just so thrilled that I’m still losing weight when I’m poorly, as usually when I eat and I’m sick, my body’s like, gimme gimme gimme!! and I end up putting on weight. Bring on next week.On Friday, I did some research into what I was diagnosed with last week and discovered that fatigue is a symptom of what I’m going through. I felt completely drained on Friday during the day, even after I got a couple more hours sleep on Thursday night, so I think I’m going to actually have to start drinking some sort of caffeine, either with Red Bull or Lucozade. BLEURGH!
But that’s what’s happening with me anyways 🙂 Be good and have a good week!

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