The Woman In Black

On Sunday, after work, Jay and I headed out to the cinema to watch The Woman In Black. It was Jay’s choice; I’m really not very good with scary films – I get recurring nightmares and everything! – so I was a bit reluctant to watch this on a Sunday evening, when I had work the next day and was inevitably going to have nightmares. But off we trotted, with popcorn, hot dog and fizzy drinks in hand, and here’s what I thought of it…

I hate giving a brief of a story plot without giving too much away, so I’ll be as vague as possible. ‘The Woman In Black’ is a book (I don’t know who it’s by…) and a show in London about ghosts and murders and dreadful goings on. Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) is an investigator into why these odd occurrences are happening in a particular village. I hadn’t read the book or seen the show, but Jay had read the book so he knew everything that was going to happen. I don’t think it would’ve made such an impact on me if I had read the book, so I’m happy I went in with an ‘open mind’… Well, I say ‘happy’…

Jay loves Harry Potter. Like, really loves it and he was quite excited to see Daniel Radcliffe in a different role to the one he’s been playing for 10 years. I, however, found it weird to watch him without a lightening shaped scar on his head, rounded glasses and armed with a wand… I even kept mumbling ‘Expelliarmus!’ at really awkward times when I was nervously watching behind my hand. 

I thought Radcliffe did an awesome job, even if he did play a dad of a 4 year old and I’m sure he’s not that old. It didn’t even look like him in the beginning! I’m sure he must’ve found it slightly daunting to be out of his Harry Potter comforter and I’d probably watch a film with him in again. Well done, Danny boy! He’s still not fancyable though, is he? I even thought all the support actors were superb. High fives all around.

The film itself is very jumpy when you least expect it, so if you go and watch, please prepare yourself for that. No pacemakers. Seriously, some woman screamed at the first jumpy bit and it wasn’t even that scary. The film really builds the suspense to a point where you’re thinking to yourself oh my God, just something happen already and put me out of my misery! which I actually think is a key thing in a horror film. You have to feel that suspense, else it doesn’t really impact on how you’re feeling.

Girls, please take a boy when you go and see this film. I was sitting next to a girl (half of another couple) and we both had our hands over our eyes for half the film. Don’t take Jay, because he’ll try and scare you when the suspense is building, but take a boy!

I wouldn’t buy this film on DVD; I don’t think it would have the same impact as seeing it in the cinema. In the dark. Where no one can hear you scream… well, apart from the other 100 people in there with you… I am quite surprised I didn’t have nightmares with this film, as I have had nightmares with ‘Paranormal Activity’ and some other random scary shizzle that I have seen. Like ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark?’ on Nickelodeon in the 90s… I did ‘enjoy’ it (I don’t know if enjoy is the right word…) so I think you should all go out and see it and tell me what you think.

Have you seen The Woman In Black yet? Did it give you nightmares?


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