WLB Week 7

Before Weigh In

I actually don’t think I’ve done all that well this week, but everytime I seem to write that, I have a 2lb weight loss, so here’s hoping! Here’s why I didn’t do too well anyway. On Saturday, during the day, we had Domino’s. Granted, that was all I ate, but still, it’s not good for my waist line. Not only did I have a moment of weakness on Saturday, but on Sunday after work, we had Fish and Chips!! What on earth was I thinking?! Calorific! Those were my two really bad moments in my diet this week, so I’m really not expecting much and it’s my own fault. On Tuesday, I actually ate food that was bad for me to try and shed a little bit more weight, but I doubt that’s made much of a difference, haha.

The doctor diagnosed me the other week with having food intolerances and the past week has been about discovering what they are and changing my diet to rectify any horrible side effects. So far, I have discovered  intolerances for milk (any skimmed or full fat), diet drinks (no more vodka diet cokes…), red onion (I’m fine with normal onion…) and garlic, and so I’ve got to start changing my diet around these. I am finding it really tough and I have found that, over the past 2 weeks, I have lost somewhat of my appetite (not for pizza or fish and chips though…). I’m hoping that I’ll figure out what else I have a reaction to soon and I’ll be able to get past this.

I’m planning on kicking up the exercise a notch as I have failed with exercise again this week and I’m planning on swimming a lot again. I think I’m going to try and swim the channel every month, which isn’t too bad, to be fair. It’s only 21 miles in 30ish days (depending on the month) so I think I’d defo be able to complete it every month. I think I do need a new challenge, perhaps for charity again, to give me something to be motivated for.

I’m going to start planning what meals I’m eating every single day and night, and start taking my lunch to work with me again. Something’s got to give and now I get paid every 2 weeks, there’s no excuse why I shouldn’t spend something on proper good for you food. I need to increase my fruit and vegetable intake again, but I’m worried that this will mess up my stomach. Just got to start being better at eating better.

I have joined (yet another) weight loss website today called Fitbit. Stolen from Jodi (again), this website shows you how many calories you should be eating and when you should reach your goal. This isn’t to say that I’m stopping WW; I think for now I would like to compare the two and see how many points is worth how many calories. I think this would be useful for when I finally come off of WW (and am therefore 2 stone slimmer…) and would be helpful for me to maintain my weight. Fitbit tells you when you should reach your goal by and it has given me the deadline of 23rd June 2012. I’m hoping for a bit sooner than that. I think Fitbit is a bit more scientific and clearer than RunKeeper or Fitocracy. I haven’t used Fitocracy in what feels like years and I think RunKeeper is a useful tool to keep track of any long walks I do. I am considering buying the Fitbit Ultra, to make this even more worth while. I might see how I get on with the website and app first before splashing out on £79.99 of technology, but I think I’ll ask Jay’s opinion as well as he knows all about this kinda stuff!

After Weigh In

So this week, I put on 1lb. To be honest, this was to be expected and I’m lucky that it wasn’t more than just the one! Next week, I’m going to try so much harder and, with Fitbit, I am hoping for some massive changes. Today, I’ve only drank water and I’ve eaten some soup for lunch, so it’s a bit of a detox day for me 🙂

Things to change for this week:

  1. Exercise
  2. Fruit/Vegetables
  3. Food planning
  4. NO TAKE OUT – seriously now!

Obstacles for this week:
  1. Working all day on Sunday
  2. Working all day and evening on Tuesday

2 thoughts on “WLB Week 7

  1. Taking a lunch to work rocks. I’ve been really good about it all this month (I’ve only missed one day – woot woot!) and the best upside? The extra money. So I (naturally) bought two pairs of really cute shoes with it. More shoes, less bad food for lunch. New motto.

    1. I’ve really got to get into the swing of taking lunch to work! Food shopping this weekend will be uber organised, so I can plan more for next week! 🙂 xx

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