Franno’s World #2

So here it is. My second edition of keeping to something I promised to on my blog 🙂 Here’s what happened this week.

Monday, nothing really happened. Like, literally, nothing. Worked hard, went out marketing, managed to drive 30 miles around my home town for marketing for work… I still don’t know how I did it, because I didn’t think my home town was that large… But I did.

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. It’s really not a big deal in our household, but I must admit I was really surprised when Jay gave me a bunch of roses 🙂 It was so sweet of him, especially because I’ve had a really rough time with everything else! 🙂 Yay for roses. In the evening, we had fajitas and slobbed out in front of the tv. Noice.

Wednesday was weigh in day and I put on 1lb. I knew it was coming really. And I found out about this website called, which is a whole other way of losing weight. I’m currently trying it with conjunction with WW to see what will work best for me. I’m just a bit bored of the points counting, if I’m honest. And Fitbit monitors how far you walk in a day and tells you when you’re going to hit your goal and stuff. It seems a lot more scientific. I went out marketing all around Chelmsford on Wednesday afternoon for work. 70 miles of driving. Yikes.

Thursday was nothing really to report. I worked all day, had a beauty appointment after work and went to the pub in the evening, with my Mum, Uncle Pat and Mark, who’s back from his stint in Thailand. Drinks were a-flowing. It was a good night. Jay was out with his work buddies. Ozzy had a field day with my putting him to bed and 5 minutes later, Jay coming home and getting him out again. I didn’t sleep well that night…

Friday was busy at work, and I was relieved to not be teaching on Friday night due to half term! But I ended up in the pub again on Friday, even though I had promised myself an early night… Woops…

Saturday, I got a hair cut and both sides of my hair are finally the same length! Hooray! Both my hairdresser and I were celebrating! Hahaha. My Mum and I went to visit a doggy day care in the afternoon, for somewhere to put Ozzy when my Mum needs a break from all three of them.

Sunday, I worked all day at my part time job, covering someone else’s shift. It was a good laugh and was so quiet that my manager was telling me to walk up and down the stairs to put some more steps on my pedometer. I got to 7K steps on Sunday, which was the most steps I’ve ever had on my fitbit so far!! I’ll be writing about my fitbit in another post, but let’s just say I am very excited!!

And that’s my boring week last week. Nothing exciting. Nothing to moan about. Just an average week. I’m hoping for more to report on this week, but I doubt it 🙂


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