Fitbit: I’m in love!

So you may have read a couple of posts referring to a new thing I’d found (thanks, Jodi!) called I have been looking around at new weight loss aids – I have cancelled my WW subscription, because for £19.99 a month, I just don’t think I’m getting much use out of everything and I never even go to meetings anymore, so… – and when Jodi directed me to this one, it just seemed so straight forward, so I thought why not?

Along comes Fitbit. For £79.99, you buy this pedometer SLASH calorie counter and it basically takes the hard work out of everything for you, working out how many miles you walk, cycle or run (cough) and how active your daily lifestyle is. You can select one of four different diets, each giving you an option for how many calories you can consume a day. This alters if you are really active and have burned more calories… I don’t think I’ve been that active yet.

The pedometer is a lovely bit of kit, that even tells you how well you’re sleeping when you put it on your wrist at night time! I seriously have no idea how it works, but so far, it’s been right as to when I’ve been waking up and taking the dog out or whatever. There’s a (free) app to track your food and water consumption, any activities that you can’t track by the tracker, and track your weight when you’re on the go. The website just puts all the stats together for you so it’s easy to know what you’re doing oh so right or oh so wrong. It works out how long it’s going to take for you to get to your dream weight if you keep going the way you are, which is a massive motivator for me, but it’s not said that I’ll get to where I want to be by April, so I must try harder! The tracker wirelessly updates the site when you are within 15feet of your registered computer. Seriously, this is too easy!

I cannot rave about this website and product enough. I just clip it on my leggings everyday and let it do it’s job. It gives you an aim of walking 10,000 steps a day, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re in an office job and on your arse most of the day, it’s really quite challenging. I reach about 7,000 steps per day, unless I’m working on a Sunday and wandering around the reception when it’s quiet…

Fancy some screen shots of the website? Here’s what the dashboard looks like. First, there’s an overview of what you’ve done today:

And as you scroll down, the break down of your calories burned and how active you were during the day.

Even further down, you can track your calories, see how well you sleep and can even put a note about how you’re feeling today.

Overall, I am finding that Fitbit is a whole bunch more scientific than the WW programme. You just have to make sure you are being completely honest with what you’re eating, else it won’t work for you. So far, so good for me – and I’m still weighing myself just the once a week, so I don’t get too obsessed… but I did find myself weighing myself twice in one week, just to see how I was getting on!

Have you tried Fitbit? What other diet techniques do you use to help your weight loss?

For any more information, please go to I have not been asked to write this post by the company and all opinions are my own.


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