Franno’s World #3

Hey y’all. I know I’ve been so AWOL again for the third time this year (already!), but hey, that’s the aim of these update posts to let you know what I’ve been up to! I promise I’ll try and get back into the swing of things soon, but I can’t promise when that’ll be as things are pretty mad with work (and working 6 days a week) and other bits that I’ve been doing. But for now, here’s what’s been happening with me this week! … If I can remember, it’s been a bit of a blur!

Mondays are slowly becoming my favourite day of the week, believe it or not. I get a lot done on a Monday, due to being in the office on my own – and it’s actually becoming part of my ‘weekend’, if that makes any sense at all! I am at work and I am working, but it’s usually slow at work and I get time to myself to think things through. I do enjoy a good Monday and very rarely complain about them anymore.

Tuesday, I headed out to meet and greet some of our new clients in Chelmsford, which was lovely. I love it when new babies are joining our swimming lessons and the parents are all a bit nervous, but completely and utterly happy when they leave. I think the first week of term is probably my favourite, because you get to meet all these enthusiastic people who want to teach their babies to swim, which is the service we’re offering. I went to a baby show in the evening, full of pregnant ladies, to hand out a bunch of leaflets and DVDs.

Wednesday was a hectic one. I had two lots of meeting and greeting new clients in two areas, miles and miles away from each other. I did 97 miles on Wednesday and I am so grateful that work do pay for my petrol! I was in the office a brief half an hour between them, grabbing lunch and replying to emails. Needless to say, a glass of wine was required on Wednesday evening!

On Thursday, one of our instructors called in sick, and as I’m the cover teacher, I ended up teaching all day. I don’t mind it, although I got really nervous when I received the phone call at 8am and the lessons were to start at 9.30am! Honestly, I need time to prepare! I was so tired, I fell asleep really early and got up really late on Friday.

Friday was a busy day, as I had to catch up on all the stuff I was meant to do in the office on Thursday but missed out on! And I have my own course of swimming lessons on Friday afternoons now, so I had to rush around and do it all in the morning! Friday night, I ended up in the pub with Mum, Uncle Pat, Lunchie and Steve. Got drunk. They left. I stayed drinking on my own and talking to Marie 🙂 Weird old man hit on me…

Saturday, I came down with a cold (seriously, I couldn’t speak 😦) but had to head on out to one of our pools, to make sure some lessons were running okay. Needless to say, they were. So I headed home and then, Jay, Ozzy and I got ready to go up and see Jay’s parents and sister, for his sister’s birthday 🙂 I had a really nice time, but I felt even more rough after dinner and had to resign to bed early. Jay came up to bed about 5 hours later with Ozzy and he actually slept in bed with us that night. Not the habit I want to get into. But it’s happened about 4 times now…

Sunday, after dosing myself up and Jay driving us home, I went to work, which was actually really quiet because it was so sunny and no one wants to come indoors when it’s sunny! So I just kept walking around reception, putting more steps on my Fit Bit (I will write about this soon, I promise!).

And that’s about all that happened this week. I can’t believe how busy it’s been in my little world recently. Mum and I decided to quit WW but I’ll explain this in more detail when I do my WLB post this week – sorry I didn’t do one last week, I have been non-stop! Only 39 more days til holiday and I’ll make sure to bring my laptop to catch up on some posts! Seriously, I have some posts that have been in my drafts since Christmas. Gah!

I hope you’re all well and not working too hard 🙂


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